Rep. Yingling Townhall July 18th With Matt Ryan

Matthew Ryan Pinch Hits For Judy Baar Topinka

Deputy Director of Public Affairs Matthew Ryan
Deputy Director of Public Affairs Matthew Ryan
Illinois District 62 Representative Sam Yingling hosted a local townhall meeting at the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center on July 18th from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka was scheduled to be his guest speaker at the townhall meeting. However, Yingling announced at the beginning of the meeting that Topinka had a bad reaction to some medication she took and was sending one of her Deputies, Matthew Ryan, in her place. Ryan is currently the Deputy Director of Public Affairs in Topinka’s office and he brought along a vast amount of information to share on very short notice.

Yingling continued what he has done at previous townhall meetings which was updating those in attendance with issues and bills that are currently moving through the State House. He took several questions from the audience as did Ryan. The meeting had to come to a close on time since a band concert that was scheduled for outdoors was moved indoors due to the heat wave. Still, both Yingling and Ryan stayed and took time to talk with constituents after the meeting.

Former Round Lake Beach Trustee Judy Armstrongrace
Former Round Lake Beach Trustee Judy Armstrong

Former Round Lake Beach Trustee Judy Armstrong asked if the funds were actually available to complete the reconfiguration of the Rollins Road-Route 83 overpass. She mentioned that the project was slated to last up to three years but if funds were not actually available the project could drag on for additional years which would cause an economic impact that would be devastating to the area. Previous calls to officials failed to convince her that funds had been set aside and she was growing extremely concerned. You can hear the response to her question in the video below. (NOTE: RLB Mayor Hill added a comment, clarifying the funding source, in the comments section)

Speaking of the video, it was shot under extremely poor lighting conditions. The banquet hall at the Center is always a challenge due to the lighting and ventilation motor noise. Tonight, since the band was setting up in the main hall, the attendees had to enter through a door that usually has a dark curtain covering it, thus the sun’s rays shined in and really made a mess of videotaping. A couple of people who asked questions (one being a RLH Trustee) were between myself and the sun rays so I didn’t bother to try to get them in the video since they would be hard to see. Besides the band warming up in the background, the mic was not being used consistently so you may have difficulty hearing portions without adjusting your speaker volume.

The video is uncut so you will be able to hear the entire one hour meeting. Enjoy!
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  • by Gene Carey

    You’re welcome, Ed. I try to get to as many as I can. Next Tuesday I should be at Melinda Bush’s T/H at the Antioch Twp. Center in Lake Villa to share that with everyone who can’t make it.

  • Mayor Hill

    Just to clear up any confusion on the Rollins and Route 83 underpass, the project is funded by Lake County through a ¼% sales tax passed by the state legislature several years ago. The projects funding is not in doubt or in jeopardy. It is scheduled to begin in a few weeks (August 2013) and be mostly complete by December 2014 with some landscaping, etc. being completed in the spring of 2015. The by-pass roads and the new Hainesville Road will be constructed first and then the work will begin in earnest. Please continue to visit the businesses located in this construction area. They need your loyalty before, during and after the construction. We expect a lot of new business activity will occur with the completion of this project.

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