Rep. Walsh: Why Are Americans Obsessed With Debt Ceiling NOW?

At Sunday’s Town Hall meeting in Fox Lake, Congressman Joe Walsh started out the meeting by asking “WHY are Americans so obsessed with the debt ceiling” this time around when they weren’t that concerned in the past. The video below is a shortened portion of the entire hour and a half meeting but hits upon WHY he is against raising it without sufficient cuts in spending.

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  • Roy O.

    I’m a 56 year old grandfather of 4 and father of2. I’ve worked for
    the same company for 28 years and am lucky to still be employed,
    NOTHING bothers me more than seeing a good chunk of my wages going to
    put gas in my car just to get to work, (90 mile round trip), and then
    to see the big OIL COMPANIES getting tax subsidies while they are
    reaping 27 BILLION DOLLARS IN PROFITS PER QUARTER!!! In the past few
    years my salary has been frozen twice, I got NO “cost of living,
    (what a joke), raise, and one year I was lucky to receive a 2.5%
    raise, which was eaten up the the raise in gas prices. Since 2002 I
    have seen my disposable income dwindle to where I live paycheck to
    paycheck I’ve had a heart attack, and am currently struggling with
    atrial fibrillation and cannot afford the medications I need, even
    though I have health insurance through work. It’s either gas money to
    get to work, or meds….I’m going to DIE because you republicans
    cannot see what you’re doing to this Country!!! Get your head out of
    your collective asses and take away the tax breaks for the rich, and
    subsidies for the huge corporations like oil companies! Leave
    Medicare and medicaid alone! We’re suppose to leave our children
    better than what we had, but at this point they’ll have nothing at my
    age! Step back and look at what you’re doing by keeping your eye on
    the POLITICAL PRIZE instead of for the people of this ONCE GREAT

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