Rep. Walsh Receives Perfect Score from AFP

Rep. Joe Walsh - 8th District
Rep. Joe Walsh - 8th District
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WASHINGTON –Today, Representative Joe Walsh (IL-8) received a perfect score of 100 percent from Americans for Prosperity (AFP) on their annual congressional key vote scorecard, which reveals how Members of Congress voted on economic issues in the first session of the 112th Congress. Congressman Walsh was one of 39 Representatives and one of two Members from the entire Illinois delegation to receive an A+ rating. AFP is a free market grassroots organization dedicated to smaller government and free enterprise.

“Americans for Prosperity is proud to count Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh among the Members of Congress who received a perfect 100% score in the first session of the 112th Congress. AFP especially appreciated his leadership on important budget and spending fights this past year. We look forward to his continued strong support of conservative free market principles,” said AFP Director of Government Affairs James Valvo.

This scorecard was based on critical votes that included repealing Obamacare, stopping EPA regulations, and a number of votes to cut federal spending.

Walsh stated: “I am proud of my colleagues who have joined me this past year in fighting to bring some discipline to Washington and to get our fiscal house back in order. Although we have made some short-term progress, this economic and fiscal crisis is far from over. Big government and reckless spending are strangling the American economy. I will continue to fight for drastic spending cuts, a balanced budget, and private sector job growth to get America back on track in 2012.”

Click here to view the 2012 scorecard.

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  • Bob

    Joe Walsh and the Tea Party are nothing more that Shillsl and Puppets of ALEC, the ACC and the Koch brothers. One of many in Congress and State Government Bought , Bribed and Corrupted to advance the agenda of Lower (are you kidding) taxes on the 1% and Corporations, More Corporate Welfare, No Environmental or Wall Street Regulations. The Simple mided Tea Bag constituents are actually brainwashed by Fox News into believing this is good for our Country and Economy. See ALEC exposed and Koch Brothers exposed for the true agenda of turning our Democracy into a Plutocracy and destroying the Middle Class. We Must Vote out ALL Koch-Wh_res!

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