Rep. Joe Walsh: DON’T Blame Banks and Marketplace

Joe Walsh, Nov. 6th at UNO Chicago Bar & Grill in Gurnee
Joe Walsh, Nov. 6th at UNO Chicago Bar & Grill in Gurnee
Congressman Joe Walsh held yet another one of his “Cup of Joe” meetings Sunday, November 6th at UNO Chicago Bar & Grill in Gurnee. This was one of the more lively meetings that I have attended with almost everyone joining in on the conversation. Quite a bit of the meeting was taken up by a retired postal worker and a supporter who were against the proposed idea of closing the post offices and eliminating delivery on Saturdays. When the topic of the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile was brought up, Walsh was almost livid over the idea that government should have any involvement at all. His feelings are that the marketplace will decide whether to do business with these companies and either lead to their success or failure without government involvement.

Below is a video that covers about 50 minutes of the meeting, including the short 3-minute segment that was here while I was stitching together the 3.6GB video, filtering out as much of the (bar area) background noise as possible while trying to keep the audio matched with the video, and uploading in its entirety. I didn’t start rolling the camera earlier because Joe usually starts each meeting with a big “Welcome’ but this one just sort of started with casual conversation and wound up becoming the meeting. What is not included is quite a long conversation regarding H.R.2309, a bill headed for a vote in the House of Representatives to eliminate Saturday postal deliveries and other things. Walsh stated that he is opposed to propping up the post office and they might be better off being privatized with better management and compete in the open market.

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  • Yikes!!… Joe has no clue on how to be a representative, just all talk, and now all Yelling.

    My name is Frank McClatchey, and I’m running agaist Walsh in the New 14th Dist.


  • LCTruth

    Only those who have “no clue” of reality could ever subscribe to the utter nonsense this man spews. His few followers are the result of Operation Dumbing Down of America. People will actually latch on to what he is saying and thinks it is the truth.
    Frank you have a got mountain to climb. The New 14th is heavily conservative. Hultgren should easily eliminate Walsh.

  • Gene Carey

    Frank ~ Thanks for stopping by! Although the Round Lake Area will not be in your district if the new map is approved, we welcome your comments and any news releases that you may want to forward to us for publication regarding your upcoming campaign events. Many of our subscribers live in neighboring towns and will soon be spread out in Districts 8, 10, and 14.


  • Keene Beach

    I see Crazy Joe has gotten youtube to take the video down. Any chance that you will simply host it yourself and let us spread it around via social networking. This needs to be seen by more eyes.

  • Gene Carey

    Joe did NOT get YouTube to take the video down. I sent YT a copyright infringement email stating that ThinkProgress had hijacked MY video and now someone else has as well so I will be going after them. I attend these meetings to help inform the public and short soundbites do not reflect the general atmosphere of what goes on at the meeting. People need to view the entire video before forming an opinion of why Joe got a bit heated. There will always be people at these meetings pushing their own agendas, many knowing it is being taped.

  • Robert

    Well …. isn’t that interesting. I watched the video yesterday and saw Joe screaming and threatening to have somebody removed … but I only saw Joe going nuts and only Joe really was showing behavior that might make somebody thing he should be removed (and institutionalized.)

    Just watched FOX NEWS show a clip of the video and they acknowledged getting it from The story they’re telling is that the person who made the video said Joe was reacting to troublemakers.

    I saw the video. I didn’t see any troublemakers. This is going to come back to bite ya in the butt. As it should. Truth matters.

  • Gene Carey

    @Robert I gave Fox News permission to use the video when they contacted me this AM but never called the individuals ‘troublemakers’. I told them that people came to the meeting with their own agendas and that they should be sure to tell their listeners to view the full length video before forming any opinions. Portions have been hijacked and re-branded by others but I have shut most of them down, not Joe. The video I took is out there for public display in its entirety and that’s the way it should be watched.

  • Robert

    Well … I’ll watch and see how FOX NEWS comments on the video the next time they show it. As it is now, they have said that YOU said Joe was responding that way because of troublemakers. If you did not say make that comment to them to use on the network shows then you should immediately contact them and ask them to clarify and retract. It really makes you look less than honest.

  • Gene Carey

    @Robert ~ This is a copy of my email to Fox News giving them authorization to use the video, never calling anyone a troublemaker. I don’t get Fox News at home so was unable to view it and will, therefore, have to hope that they followed my request. I even spoke with Melissa after the coffee and she ‘friended’ me on Facebook the next day so I don’t feel there was any animosity between us.

    “Per my phone conversation with Lauren, you have my permission to use a
    portion of the video as long as you tell your listeners to watch the video in its entirety before forming an opinion. People came to the coffee with agendas and tried to dominate the meeting and it is not fair to simply show short sound bites without including information to the entire video.”

  • Gene Carey

    @Robert ~ here is the clip sent to me by Fox News along with the email stating that Walsh will be on their show tomorrow:

    > Message:
    > Gene – I just wanted to send you the clip that features your video. I
    > hope you will be pleased – I think we presented it in a very fair
    > fashion. Our guest for the segment, former NY Governor Pataki, agreed
    > with Rep. Walsh on many points. In fact, we’re also having Rep. Walsh
    > on the show tomorrow, so he can respond.
    > Anyway, here’s the clip and thank you for helping us today!
    > -Lauren

    I also just received a call again from Fox News asking for usage of the video and was told that Walsh will be on Neil Cavuto today to respond.

  • Robert

    Fox News reported: “We should point out that the person who shot the video says that there was some troublemakers in the room that got him riled up and that, you know, that’s why he got so riled up.”

    … and you say you said no such thing.

    So … do you think it’s okay for FOX NEWS to be reporting the story in such a manner?

  • Gene Carey

    @Robert ~ I guess I missed her saying that after the video played, but you are correct she did in fact say it. I still stand by what I said which is in my email to her (we communicated via email). “People came to the coffee with agendas”.

    Melissa’a agenda appeared to be getting in Joe’s ear about the possibility of elimination of Saturday’s postal delivery H.R. 2309

    I was only the messenger delivering the video and what others report may not be totally accurate, as in calling anyone a ‘troublemaker’. I prefer to let viewers form their own opinions and do not plan to pursue correcting what Fox News said since it will be yesterday’s news in a couple more days. I am more concerned about those who have hijacked the video and re-branding it as their own and have filed several complaints about copyright/content infringement with YouTube. i NEVER made the comment ‘meltdown’. That was the title of the short video that others hijacked and uploaded. My video title remained the same “DON’T Blame the Banks”

  • Gene Carey

    (For some reason this comment was tagged to the photo of UNO’s so I am reposting it here)

    @patriot101 says:
    November 9, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    Thanks Joe Walsh. You said it for all of us. The Banks did NOT put us in this position. The Government, namely FannieMae and Freddie Mac did. We support you Joe and my entire family agrees with you. If we agreed with Occupy Wall Street protestors outcome, we’d be living in Greece.

  • “There will always be people at these meetings pushing their own agendas, many knowing it is being taped.” This is very true and the first person it would apply to would be Congressman Joe Walsh. Just to clarify I was at the meeting because I live in the 8th district, I am a letter carrier for the USPS and I wanted to find out if Walsh supports HR 1351 to save the Postal Service. The first thing I did was let Joe know this information. I think it’s perfectly expected for someone to ask their Congressman about legislation that has a direct impact upon their employment. I thought the purpose of these meetings was to address issues such as that, I certainly wasn’t there to be a cheerleader for Joe nor a “troublemaker.” I want to thank Gene for taking the time and effort to video this event, I think it’s great that people can witness what occurred and form their own judgements. I just wish that Gene’s camera had picked up Congressman Walsh saying to me at the end of the gathering, “I do not care about the loss of public sector jobs.” It’s unfortunate that a Congresssman would be unconcerned about over 200,000 people losing their jobs, 20% of which are Veterans.

    In the video you hear Joe screaming, “I’m tired of propping up the Postal Service.” Joe apparently doesn’t know that the USPS isn’t tax payer supported. All I was asking him to do was support a bill which will end the onerous requirement of the USPS to pay $5.5 BILLION every year to pre-fund a retiree healthcare benefit fun. This is an obligation passed by Republicans in 2006 which is not required of any other gov’t agency. It would also refund the USPS the $75 BILLION that they’ve overpaid into the FERS retirement system due to accounting errors. The USPS has actually made a profit since 2006 were it not for the ridiculous requirement to pre-fund and account 75 years in advance.

  • Gene Carey

    (sent to Editor & pasted here)

    John wrote:

    I’m shocked that you can post so proudly your efforts at censureship.
    Why not let this video play? How much else have you sought to censure
    just because it was uncomplimentary? I think this a bigger issue than
    your obvious attempts to support your wealthy backers with lies.
    Perhaps your wealthy backers can get some needy unemployed people a
    break instead of holding jobs and the econmy hostage in an attempt to
    sway the presendential election in the direction of someone, like you,
    who will help line their pockets even more with tax breaks and grants.

    (Editors note: There has been absolutely NO censorship on the part of Joe Walsh to remove this video. I am the one who is trying to stop others from posting portions of the video under THEIR name that was taken by me and remains my copyrighted material. The full version has ALWAYS been available on this blog as well as my YouTube channel at: )

  • Gene Carey

    (sent to Editor & pasted here)

    Frank Larned wrote:

    I for one support your views on the message you were trying to get
    across during your meeting that eventually made it to U-Tube. I’d love
    to have a rep. that was that commited to reducing the governments
    hands on attitude that seems to be going on in Washington. Keep it up

  • Robert

    Mr. Carey, I was disappointed to see this comment of yours:

    “Melissa’a agenda appeared to be getting in Joe’s ear about the possibility of elimination of Saturday’s postal delivery H.R. 2309”

    How do you mean that? It sounds like you’re maybe blaming her for Joe’s wild rant. Her “agenda” …?? Seems to me that she went to a meeting and calmly tried to discuss an issue that is important to her with the man who represents her in Congress. Isn’t that the one and only reason for those meetings? To discuss issues of the day?

    I’ve had trouble with a copyright issue in the past and can understand you being upset with those who are stealing your work. (I ended up with a nice-sized check from those who did use my video without permission.) But you have to be consistent in your claims and demands or you have no case … no credibility.

    Allowing FOX NEWS to disregard your written directions that they tell their viewers to watch the entire video and dismissing their misrepresentation of your conversation with you – basically allowing them to lie about what you said to them regarding the “troublemaker” comment … and saying you’re not going to bother with them because it’s already old news and then persuing the copyright issue with Huffingtonpost … why do that? They have posted a link to your video … the culprit is — who gave the video a home on his site.

  • Robert

    Ahhh … and now I see you just go after the guy there at the site Huffingtonpost is linking to!

    District116 (1 hour ago) 11-9-2011 - 2nd Notice:
    A copyright violation has been filed against you with youTube for taking a portion of my Joe Walsh video and re-branding it as your own. It needs to be taken down or legal action will begin.

  • Gene Carey

    @Robert ~ Just for the record I did decide to ask Fox News to clarify the word “troublemakers’ once they told me that Walsh would be their guest this morning. This is a portion of the email that I sent to Lauren:


    I listened to the clip again and you DID quote me as saying ‘troublemakers’. This is not true since I never called anyone a ‘troublemaker’. I said that people came to the meeting with their own agendas. Please correct this tomorrow on-air when Joe Walsh is with you to set the record straight. I was only the messenger shooting the video, and I do not put any tags on those who attend.”

    Using the phrase “getting in someones ear” is used all the time when someone wants to get another persons attention. Sorry if it doesn’t come across that way to your way of thinking. I see that Melissa posted here and she didn’t have a problem with me using that phrase. She admits that she came to the meeting with concerns about postal service cutbacks and wanted to discuss it with Walsh.

    As far as the creeps that are copying portions of my videos and taking credit as their own, I am currently filing six more copyright infringement complaints. I have screen shots of their videos with over 100,000 hits which takes traffic and viewers directly away from my site(s). The Huffington Post was notified again as well that they need to use the original video source or else just a still screenshot as follows:

    to: Huffington Post
    November 9, 2011

    I have filed four copyright violation complaints with YouTube against the individuals who have taken portions of my Joe Walsh video and uploaded it as their own creation. I had asked that you remove the offending video from your site at:
    but the only thing that happened was to find another hijacked video to replace the one that ThinkProgress removed from their YouTube channel.

    The one you are currently displaying needs to come down immediately.I have filed formal complaints against several others on YouTube who have uploaded the identical shortened video as their own work. I am the person who shot this 50 minute long video and it is available on both my YouTube channel at as well as my blog at The video is marked as ‘no-embedding’ but you are welcome to use a screenshot from the video with a link to the full version on my site or channel.

    Hoping for a fast response,
    Gene Carey, press correspondent with American Media Distribution and Editor of

    There are Fair use of news stories however they have certain guidelines to abide by as follows (partial list)

    “The DMCA provides “safe harbors” from copyright infringement liability for online service providers, but only if certain conditions are met. These conditions address issues such as the service provider’s knowledge of the infringing material, the service provider’s
    control over the infringing material, the financial benefit derived by the service provider from the infringing material and the service provider’s response in removing or disabling access to infringing material when notified.”

    The Huffington Post has been put on notice twice and are in violation of the above guidelines.

  • Gene Carey

    Here’s how the creeps play the game, opening up new channels and posting the hijacked version of the video. As you can see this person set up this account 4 days ago knowing that I’m coming after them and they don’t want their main YouTube channel shut down.

    Channel Views:0
    Total Upload
    Joined:Nov 5, 2011
    Latest Activity:1 day ago

  • Gene Carey

    (sent to Editor and pasted here)

    Norm Siegel wrote:
    Friday, November 11, 2011 10:37 AM

    Ever since the “President Obama, Stop Lying!” video, I have supported ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that questions Walsh’s credibility and honesty, including researching as much as I could about his child support situation and his pontifications. I tend not to watch FOX or CNN and do watch MSNBC, but and get my news as much as I can from BBC and other newspapers outside of the US.

    Earlier this fall, I participated in a rally in Woodstock, IL, where I provided musical entertainment between speakers. I actually told my own story as well, being unemployed since 2007, living on a fixed Surviving Spouse Social Security benefit, watching the way that and arts are being phased out of funding while Wall Street execs are still receiving huge bonuses after being bailed out! Walsh is in lock step with the Republican Agenda, Grover Nordquist’s pledge, Eric Cantor’s misguidance, Paul Ryan’s deadly budget proposal and everything else that seems to be right for the American people, but wrong for those Walsh supports and support him.

    After the rally, I went to Walsh’s TH meeting at the VFW hall. I watched as he animatedly ran around the room, getting up in people’s faces, shouting and waving his arms. Works great in a high social studies class, but not in the real world as it is right now! At one point, he actually put his hands on several people’s shoulders, which seemed to make them feel a bit assaulted as they cringed backwards in their chairs with no place to go! I saw him do a similar thing at the first TH I attended at the Woodstock High School.

    I live in the 9th district, represented by Jan Schakowsky. I spend a good amount of time in Woodstock because of the music community there I would like to attend more of this idiot’s TH meetings if I knew where they were being held. I would attend as an observer, although I had asked about how American manufactured goods could complete with goods made in China in American owned facilities, paying low wages for slave level labor, then exporting those goods, much lower goods, back to the U S and, due to most favored nation status, subject to little or no tariff, while our exports are subject to 17 to 30% tariffs landed in other lands! He tap danced around the question because he had no idea or answer!

    There are a great many of his supporters who I know personally. They have an agenda that not only parallels Walsh’s, they are also conservatives with their own social agenda, with the hope of usurping the separation clauses of the First Amendment.

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