Rep. Joe Walsh: DON’T Blame Banks and Marketplace

Joe Walsh, Nov. 6th at UNO Chicago Bar & Grill in Gurnee
Joe Walsh, Nov. 6th at UNO Chicago Bar & Grill in Gurnee
Congressman Joe Walsh held yet another one of his “Cup of Joe” meetings Sunday, November 6th at UNO Chicago Bar & Grill in Gurnee. This was one of the more lively meetings that I have attended with almost everyone joining in on the conversation. Quite a bit of the meeting was taken up by a retired postal worker and a supporter who were against the proposed idea of closing the post offices and eliminating delivery on Saturdays. When the topic of the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile was brought up, Walsh was almost livid over the idea that government should have any involvement at all. His feelings are that the marketplace will decide whether to do business with these companies and either lead to their success or failure without government involvement.

Below is a video that covers about 50 minutes of the meeting, including the short 3-minute segment that was here while I was stitching together the 3.6GB video, filtering out as much of the (bar area) background noise as possible while trying to keep the audio matched with the video, and uploading in its entirety. I didn’t start rolling the camera earlier because Joe usually starts each meeting with a big “Welcome’ but this one just sort of started with casual conversation and wound up becoming the meeting. What is not included is quite a long conversation regarding H.R.2309, a bill headed for a vote in the House of Representatives to eliminate Saturday postal deliveries and other things. Walsh stated that he is opposed to propping up the post office and they might be better off being privatized with better management and compete in the open market.

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  • Gene Carey

    I updated my post regarding the Huffington Post using a pirated version of my video as follows:

    UPDATE 11-11-11: The Huffington Post has removed the hijacked video from HERE and HERE and included a link to my full video in the middle of the updated articles. Of the ten (that I am aware of) pirated videos two have shut theirs down and about half of the remaining ones are now displaying a visual credit in theirs after threatening them with litigation.

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