Rep. Joe Walsh Talks About the Debt Ceiling

8th District Representative, Joe Walsh, held two “Town Hall” meetings in our area over the weekend and talked about the debt ceiling debate brewing in Washington. Walsh fielded questions from the audience of over 200 for an hour and a half, covering numerous topics. Whether you like him or not, you must give him credit for taking on all questions without screening them first like many elected officials do with their tele-conferences.

The video below gets a little out of sync with the visual and audio due to stitching three segments together and then uploading the final video but still allows you to hear his comments at the Fox Lake town hall meeting on 7/24/2011.

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  • JLoc

    You supporters of the TPer’s are not going to be so jolly when your 401k’s disappear for the second time in the past three years. And all to prove a misguided point. There’s plenty lf time to argue about spending cuts/revenue increases and both sides have points to make. However, the full faith and credit of the U.S. should not be held hostage by one side (the TPers) in an effort to shrink gov’t. so it’s small enuf to drown in a bathtub (Grover Norquist quote)–The debts that have to be paid have already been incurred. Raising the debt ceiling, even without any proposed spending cuts, does not raise spending one penny. Why don’t TPers understand this?

    While it may be true that not all conservatives are stupid people, it is also true that all stupid people are conservative–John Stuart Mill

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