Reverend Lisle Kauffman Retiring After 41 Years


Anyone who has lived in the Round Lake area for awhile is sure to recognize the name, Reverend Lisle Kauffman. Like the “Energizer Bunny” he just keeps going and going, serving local residents in times of need along with community service in various fields. His last sermon will be Thanksgiving eve and a small goodbye is planned by church members following his last Sunday service.

Reverend Lisle Kauffman
retiring after 41 years at
Calvary Presbyterian Church

Personally, I have known the Reverend Kauffman for many, many years and I still show Calvary Presbyterian Church as my place of worship. When I used to live in Round Lake Park by the beachfront, I always knew when Rev. Kauffman was heading somewhere. That was because I could hear his little old Karmin-Ghia traveling down Lake Shore Drive with a badly needed muffler 🙂

He was always at my boy’s Pinewood Derby contests when they were in Scouts, blessing the little wooden race cars. I saw him at many weddings of friends and their kids when they grew up. He was always seen at various hospitals as he took time to visit the sick and comfort their loved ones.

Reverend Kauffman will continue to be Chaplain for several local organizations as he now steps back to spend more time with his ailing wife, Linda. God Bless you Reverend Kauffman. You have served the people in the Round Lake Area with honor and dignity and given us all so many wonderful memories.


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