RLA D116 Hosts Two Informational SBC Meetings

School Based Clinic Public Meetings

This week the Round Lake Area D116 School Board hosted two informational meetings at the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic center. Included at the meeting were several entities who played a part in getting the proposed School-Based Clinic beyond Phase One, which included obtaining a $500,000 grant to build a structure that would then be operated by a private entity on school property. The building would be owned by the school (taxpayers) so even if the SBC failed to exist down the road, the space could be used for other things.

All along I was under the assumption, based on other meetings that I have attended, that the facility would be free-standing and probably built somewhere out behind the school. I was surprised to see the display that now shows that the 1500 S.F. structure will be right up front to the right of the main entrance. With three (and a possible fourth) examination rooms and seating for 16 in the waiting room, it would appear as though they are expecting quite a return on their investment by way of insurance claims submitted on behalf of the students who will be frequenting it. Even though the Board has been notified of the grant money, there are several steps that need to be met before it becomes a reality. If you are a parent, concerned about contraceptives and other procedures being performed, or referred out, as it is related to your child, you will want to attend meetings and voice your concerns as others have. A good video to watch is the one currently being featured in the right hand column where Brenda Bannor tells a concerned parent that “No, parents are not usually notified”.

School Based Clinic Floor Plan
School Based Clinic Floor Plan

Below is just a short 2-minute video showing several of the charts and floor plans that were on display. Since they scroll by fairly fast, you will need to stop and start the video in order to read what they each say. You also have the option of watching it “Full Screen” by simply clicking on the tab in the lower right corner of the video.
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