RLA D116 Tables Proposal for Huge Bond Referendum

$36,000,000 Bond Referendum Goes Nowhere

D-116 School Board President Nanci Radford
D-116 School Board President Nanci Radford

At the January 14, 2013 Round Lake Area District 116 school board meeting, one of the items on the agenda was “Referendum Discussion“. This was in addition to an item labeled as “Resolution providing for and requiring the submission of the proposition of issuing School Building Bonds to the voters of Community Unit School District 116, lake County, Illinois, at the consolidated election to be held on the 9th day of April 2013” Under that portion of the agenda were three options showing various language choices that could be used on the ballot. Originally there was a big rush to move this forward by January 26th which was the last day referendums could be added to the April ballot.

Speaking with Board President Nanci Radford at the school-based clinic meeting the following day, she indicated that the item was not really tabled because most board members had already stated a desire to wait until more information was available. If that was the case I don’t understand why they spent a half hour at the meeting discussing it. Below is a video showing the latter part of a very long meeting where the referendum was discussed. Most of the parents were getting up and leaving after the discussion on the “restructuring” plans and there would have been very few in attendance had they voted in favor of placing the referendum on April’s ballot.

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