RLAS D116 Test Scores ~ Where Is The Outrage

The Round Lake Community Unit School District 116 Board of Education and Directors held their monthly Board meeting on November 4, 2013 at the high school theater. On the evenings agenda were updates on the K-8 school restructering plan as well as an update on the high school restructering. Various administrators spoke directly to the school board members as they displayed another PowerPoint presentation on the big projector screen. It was another typical meeting with everyone nodding in approval as the presentation followed the pattern of previous presentations with “We’re seeing (slight/some/minimal/moderate) improvement”. As long as the administrators continue to use these “magical” words the school board is unwilling to ask any hard questions or demand any changes.

One of the graphs that was displayed during the high school principal’s presentation showed that the percentage of students with college readiness as a composite result of four tested areas is only 9 percent. That translates into 91% walking out the door on graduation day with inadequate tools for college or a career. You should have heard the uproar from the Board and parents when this was disclosed! No, there was no uproar, not even a peep or bowed head in shame from anyone sitting on the main stage.  You wouldn’t have heard a single question asked by the school board members who just sat there smiling since they were given those magical words “We’re seeing (slight/some/minimal/moderate) improvement”. With less than two dozen parents in the audience, made up of mostly faculty staff members, there were also no uproar or questions forthcoming from any of them.

Only 9% of students graduating from D116 are considered to be college ready
Only 9% of students graduating from RLA D116 are considered to be college ready

Just imagine if this were a corporation like Chrysler, for example, and quarterly results continued to be disasterous due to poor quality items being shipped out the door and sitting on lots unsold due to imperfections. Do you think shareholders would merely sit quietly. No, they would demand changes in the Board of Directors who fail to make necessary changes in management including the CEO responsible for overseeing that a quality product leaves the plant. As parents and taxpayers you all have a financial stake in this multi-million dollar operation called Round Lake Community Unit School District 116 and as such you should be demanding that you get some answers as to WHY you are not getting a better return on your investment. After all, your “investment” has been on the State Academic Watch for NINE YEARS while promising that “We’re seeing (slight/some/minimal/moderate) improvement” and glazing your eyes over with a bunch of fancy graphics instead of showing you REAL performance results including teacher performance reviews, changes in personnel to improve results, etc. Taxpayers are even footing the bill to have the school administrators “mirror” another school since they have been unable to make the necessary improvements required by the State on their own initiative. Call me when will the outrage begins……..

The Round Lake Area High School has been on the State Academic Watch for NINE YEARS
The Round Lake Area High School has been on the State Academic Watch for NINE YEARS
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