RLB Mayor Hill Shaves Head at Cancer Fundraiser

Who is that looking over the Mayor’s shoulder?

If you are out and about in town and think your eyes are playing tricks on you thinking you just spotted Bruce Willis, join the crowd! No, Willis is not in town to shoot another Die Hard movie. What you will be seeing all over town are a bunch of men who volunteered to have their heads shaved at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser to cure childhood cancer. The event was held Saturday from 3:00 to 11:00 PM at Kristof’s in Round Lake Beach.

Bruce Willis, Mayor Rich Hill, and Kathy Hill at St. Baldrick's fundraiser
Bruce Willis look-alike, Mayor Rich Hill and Kathy Hill at St. Baldrick’s fundraiser

The guys were really having a blast
The guys were really having a blast

It wasn’t just young and older men getting their heads shaved, many women were also getting their long locks cut off and then getting a short hairdo with what remained. It was fun watching all the guys walking around afterwards rubbing their ‘baldies’ and I think their wives or girlfriends enjoyed it just as much. I only stayed long enough to see Mayor Hill get his head shaved and included it in the video below. Due to the low lighting I had to lighten it up quite a bit so you could see what was going on. I think everyone will agree that we have a whole bunch of good looking bald-headed “Die Hard” men in town, including our good-sport Mayor
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