RLB Planning & Zoning Commission Discusses Medical Marijuana

With the strong possibility of medical marijuana being allowed, ordinance plans are being made in advance.

Commission Chairman Mark Bailey
Commission Chairman Mark Bailey

During the recent Round Lake Beach Planning and Zoning Commission meeting held on March 13, 2014, one of the topics on the agenda was to plan ahead for a possible medical marijuana facility that might be requested within the Village limits. This appeared to be only preliminary plans as they began laying the groundwork for any type of ordinance governing such a business. Jeramiah Yeksavich made the bulk of the presentation. Most of the conversation that followed was in the defensive mode but one commissioner suggested looking at it in a positive manner that would bring additional business to the Village for items other than medical marijuana. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on what was discussed since the following video is only a half hour long and you will be able to hear for yourself what was discussed. I will mention that they talked a lot about setbacks and that any of these types of facilities should be located in an industrial area since they will be using a lot of electricity and water for growing the pot. They also discussed the amount of parking that would be required which had a big range due to the expected number of “buyers” coming and going. The fear is that these types of “medical” facilities will eventually turn into “recreational use” facilities. All the presenters for the other items on the agenda as well as all the members of the public left after the earlier presentations which left just me there alone so I’m hoping that you enjoy the following video. YouTube Preview Image

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