RLB PNC Bank Facility Closing May 17, 2013

Will Not Reopen In Old Blockbuster Building As Planned

PNC Bank will not reopen in old Blockbuster building (X)
PNC Bank will not reopen in old Blockbuster building (X)

Plans to stay in the Round Lake Beach area apparently have changed as PNC Bank officials notified employees that the last day of business would be May 17th and that plans to relocate to the shuttered Blockbuster building had now changed. The facility at the SE corner of Rollins Road and Route 83 is scheduled to be demolished due to the re-configuration of Route 83 as it is shifted East due to the R.R. overpass planned just West of the intersection.

The bad news is that the nearest PNC facility will then be either Grayslake or Fox Lake for those who want to continue banking with them. The good news is that none of us will have to deal with the drive-thru ATM machine that they have failed to make improvements to at many customers request. It was already bad enough trying to use the unreadable keypad numbers and try to reach to touch the screen when sitting on a coat tail which only allows limited arm raising. Just recently, they modified the machine so that you could no longer insert an envelope containing all of your checks for deposit. Now you have to enter the amount of each check on the unreadable keypad, and insert them individually. So now you are not only hanging out your window, maybe with your door open, to reach the machine, you now have to make multiple entries. If you happen to drop one of your checks on the ground, good luck on trying to figure out a way to retrieve it without having to move your car. That stupid machine will NOT be missed!

For residents living in the Round Lake Area, you can expect to start seeing all kinds of offers in your mailbox from other banking service providers in the area. Don’t forget that State Bank of the Lakes will be opening a brand new facility on Rollins Road later this year next to Oak Hill Supportive Living Community as the old tax service building west of their entrance gets torn down. Tim Perry, who runs State Bank of the Lakes in Antioch and Grayslake, has always been very accommodating to groups who need a place to hold their meetings and makes his facilities available to them. Keep them in mind as another alternative if you decide to move your account.

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