RLB Zoning Commission Approves Cell Tower Near School

Should the Beach Elementary School parents have been served notification as well?

On December 10th the Round Lake Beach Planning and Zoning Commission held a special hearing and approved a variance that would allow six T-Mobile antennas to be placed above a ComEd tower that is only a few hundred feet from Beach Elementary School. The measure now moves to the Round Lake Beach village board for final approval.

Beach Elementary

The hearing covered two variances. One was to allow a “special use” permit at this location and the other was to allow the antennas to be installed at 110′, well above the current 30′ limitation. One thing worth noting is that the Federal government will not allow health concerns to be a reason to deny an application. Thus, anyone attending this type of hearing would have been shut down if they began to talk about electromagnetic radiation, wireless microwave radiation, etc. ( Source )

That doesn’t prevent those concerns from being discussed here.

The human body itself is electromagnetic (at a very low level—around 10 hertz). It’s been shown that each one of our cells has its own electromagnetic field (EMF). Maintaining balance in those cellular EMFs is critical to staying healthy. Decades of studies have demonstrated that artificial frequencies higher than 10 hertz can create stress and serious health problems.

Cellphone tower wavelengths, microwaves have a significantly higher frequency than even radio waves. The higher the frequency, the more powerful the wave—and the more powerful effect on biological organisms. The negative health effects of EMFs and microwave radiation are well documented. Studies have shown that EMFs can affect enzymes, DNA, metabolism, genes, hormones, and more.

One of the problems is that this damage is cumulative in the tissues, and can take years, even decades to show up. Cell tower radiation has also been linked to headaches, memory loss, low sperm count, cancer, birth defects, heart conditions, and Alzheimer’s.

An Australian study found that children living near TV and FM broadcast towers, which emit similar radiation to cell towers, developed leukemia at three times the rate of children living over seven miles away.

If you live within a quarter mile of a cell phone antenna or tower, you may be at risk of serious harm to your health, according to a German study cited at www.EMF-Health.com, a site devoted to exposing hazards associated with electromagnetic frequencies from cell phone towers and other sources.

The cellular phone industry continues to maintain that cell phone towers pose no health risk, but fewer people believe that these days. Almost all scientists in this field would disagree that cell towers are safe, except those employed by the industry, perhaps.

Getting back to the hearing, only two local residents attended besides myself. They both spoke up at the meeting with the man being happy about the tower since he has T-Mobile and doesn’t get much of a signal at home. The lady was more concerned about her “view” that might be blocked by the small masonry building that would house the mechanicals where her kids normally play. Nobody on the Commission questioned the fact that a school was within throwing distance of the tower. Comments made by members of the Commission such as “Are there curbs along the road?”, referencing Round Lake Drive that would have an access lane paved from the road to the communication shelter, indicate that they didn’t even take the time to do a drive-by before the hearing.

The Feds also require the applicant to show “alternative” sites that were considered if the application would place the tower/antennas in a residential neighborhood. I asked the spokesperson, prior to the meeting, what the alternative sites were and if they were included in the application. He was unable to specify any locations other than to say that local zoning ordinances would not allow them to build a new tower in the Rollins Road commercial strip. He also told me that it would be much less expensive to erect a new tower than to lease space from ComEd. In his presentation, he stated that his firm had “exhausted” all other locations and that T-Mobile was “not in the tower business, does not want to build towers, and does not want to own towers. All they want is to build a wireless network as fast as possible”.

With local residents and students at Beach Elementary School already being bombarded with higher than normal electromagnetic fields, does it make any sense at all to add insult to injury and add additional wireless microwave radiation to what already exists. When the government finally acknowledges the dangers of living near high-tension electrical towers and wireless antennas, the finger-pointing will begin between ComEd and T-Mobile over who is the cause of excessive levels.

These are the Commission members who approved the zoning variance:
Mark Bailey – Chairman
Steve Vaughn
Audrie Parker
Hal Davis
Richard Barr

The following video shows two segments at the beginning where Chairman Mark Bailey answers questions and makes it quite clear that it doesn’t matter where they want to install cellular antennas as long as they DON’T BUILD MORE TOWERS. Then the video continues to show the T-Mobile presentation itself.  Who are the losers in this scenario?





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