RNC Sent In To Oversee Walsh Bean Final Counts

A spokesperson at Joe Walsh For Congress headquarters just informed me that of the six precincts that were still unreported, one of them has a ‘stuck’ memory stick in the tabulating machine. Further, the Republican National Committee has sent a team to preserve the integrity of the results. Currently Walsh is still leading by close to 800 votes (1:30 PM).

A group of Walsh supporters at his victory rally


Walsh supporters watch big screens as Republicans take over the Congressional House


Walsh supporters enjoying food and drink while waiting on race results


A packed house at Joe Walsh victory celebration in Wauconda


Nick Provenzano announces voter results throughout the night


Joe Walsh arrives just before the midnight hour, leading in the polls


Joe and Helene Walsh share a tender moment while thanking his supporters


Helene holds up a large quilt from a supporter that includes the Pledge of Allegiance


Joe Walsh being interviewed by Channel 2 News at victory rally


Just one of hundreds of well wishers congratulating Joe Walsh after his speech

Stay tuned for final results as they come in.

(Update 7:30 PM) Channel 7 has been reporting that the lead has diminished to only 560 but they have been saying that same thing since 4:00.

(Update 8:30 PM)  Message from Walsh headquarters:
“Victory is at hand. After counting up the remaining Cook County ballots today, we have a lead that is insurmountable. We are waiting for our opponent to acknowledge that.”


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