Traffic Jam Coming To Route 83 And Grand Ave

If you travel through Lake Villa using Route 83 (Milwaukee Ave) or Route 132 (Grand Ave), you would be well advised to find an alternate route starting March 15th. That is when the State plans to begin their total reconstruction of Rt 83 South of the intersection as well as at the intersection itself. All Rt. 83 traffic will be reduced to a single lane as everything from the pavement, sidewalks, and curbing will be replaced as well as the installation of new storm sewers

Starting March 15th you should avoid the intersection of Rt 83 & Rt 132
in Lake Villa at all costs since they will be tearing up Rt.83 from March thru September

This intersection is already a nightmare during rush hours and with drivers being unaware of the construction, it will only get worse with long delays expected. When you are Northbound and pass up Engle, you have passed the point of no return since there are no side streets that will let you get out of the mess. Drivers would be advised to use Monaville Road west to Fairfield Road, then north to Petite Lake Rd. then east back to Rt.83. Those wanting to go into Lindenhurst can take Engle to its end, then left until you get to Granada, and north into Lindenhurst.

Don’t say that you weren’t warned ahead of time. Gas is way too expensive for local residents to get caught up in this huge traffic jam!

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