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Construction Phase 2A

Construction Phase 2A

As the construction begins on the Rollins Road Gateway Project at Route 83 and Rollins Road you will find updates, photos, and videos as soon as they become available to show how the construction is progressing along with traffic issues. This page will contain a separate running blog update on what is going on in the construction zone once it gets started. You can also click on our RSS feed to get regular upates on all new posts.

Click on an image below to view ongoing construction scenes taken every half hour from either Camera A (Rollins Road) or camera B (Route 83)


Weather Delays Opening of New Rollins/Rt. 83 Intersection

by Gene Carey : December 17, 2014 4:14 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates

Today was the day that the contractors had hoped to open traffic up at the brand new intersection of Rollins Road and Route 83. This would have allowed the restoration of turning lanes from both roadways. However, due to the cold weather, the lane-striping contractor had concerns about their equipment functioning properly in the cold. The decision was made to hold off until Friday or Saturday when the temperatures were supposed to be slightly warmer.

The photo below shows the new Route 83 concrete lanes on the right and the existing Rt. 83 bypass over the temporary Rollins Road bridge on the left (looking southbound from Route 83 towards Rollins Road.


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Rollins Road Gateway Update 10-29-14

by Gene Carey : October 29, 2014 6:38 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates, Round Lake Area News

Rollins Road UpdateThe contractor hopes to have the steel retaining wall for the south leg of IL 83 completed by the end of the week.  Also, Com Ed plans to have their conflict there cleared as well.  Once that happens, the contractor will begin the final earth excavation and drainage work for that leg of IL 83.  Hopefully, concrete paving will start in the last section of IL 83 by mid-November.  Once that is done, the intersection of Rollins and IL 83 will be reopened and the detour over.  That will happen before winter.

The contractor is continuing to work on getting whatever other areas that they can complete before winter.  Curb and sidewalk crews have been working throughout the project completing what they can.  Once they are done, the landscapers will come through to place the final ground cover.

Work has started in the parking lot south of Rollins and east of IL 83.  They’ll get as much of that finished as they can this year, with the rest to follow after temporary IL 83 has been removed.

Also, they have begun staining the new concrete walls.  Below is a photo of the first section.  Hopefully, you can imagine how much nicer it will look with grass in front of it instead of clay. The new retaining wall in front of Little Caesars will give you an idea of what the final product will look like.

As they see it, the work remaining for the spring will be:

a) construction of the east half of IL 83

b) completing Hainesville where it is crossing temporary Rollins Road

c) completing and landscaping the remaining medians on Rollins and IL 83

d) resurfacing IL 83 (and maybe Rollins) at our job limits

e) re-grading and landscaping Gateway Park

f) final restoration of the parking lots east of IL 83.

They expect this to be all wrapped up by early summer.

[Thank you to Mark S. Molnar, Resident Project Manager, for this update & photo]


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An Accident Just Waiting to Happen

by Gene Carey : October 2, 2014 3:47 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates

Not Guilty

Not Guilty

During my almost daily travels around the Rollins Road Gateway project I came across a situation that has “major lawsuit” written all over it. We’ve all read about the head-on collisions that happen when someone is going the wrong way on the tollway or on Route 41 that generally result in death or injuries to innocent people.

Today, I came across that type of situation but in this case I don’t believe a judge or jury would ever find the defendant guilty. Why? Because the intersection that I came across is lacking the proper signage instructing drivers NOT to make a left turn. Doing so would put them on the westbound only Rollins Road, directly into two lanes of oncoming traffic. I am referring to the western entrance/exit to the Mallard Creek Shopping Center right next to Latino Cellular, Game Stop, Nails & Spa, and Rosati’s Pizza just to name a few. If a patron leaves any of those businesses and uses the exit onto Rollins Road, there is NO signage indicating that No Left Turns are allowed.

Would you find them guilty if they caused an accident? More than likely the attorneys would go after the Village of Round Lake Beach, Lake County, the general contractors, and the company responsible for installing all of the revised signage. Hopefully this dangerous situation will get resolved ASAP.

Entrance/Exit to Mallard Creek Shopping Center fails to warn drivers of NO LEFT TURN

Entrance/Exit to Mallard Creek Shopping Center fails to warn drivers of NO LEFT TURN

After posting this and contacting several people with the ability to correct the situation, a temporary NO LEFT TURN sign was placed on a make-shift stand in the median the following morning.
1st Sign
That was followed by better signage several days later as shown below.
Mallard Creek and Rollins-600px
I had thought all along that the simplest thing to have done in the first place was to add that sign UNDER the STOP sign. Adding the ONE-WAY sign out in the median was a great idea as well. Thank you to everyone who had a part in correcting this dangerous situation.

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Rollins Road Now Open to Traffic UNDER the Railroad Bridge

by Gene Carey : September 25, 2014 11:48 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates

 After barely over a year, traffic will no longer have to wait on trains!

Working through a miserable winter and dealing with unexpected problems like poor soil, buried gas mains, and rainy weather, the contractors involved in the Rollins Road Gateway construction project opened it up to traffic for the first time on September 25th around 11:30 AM. There is still a lot of work to be completed including Route 83 merge lanes. Until they are completed there is no access from Rollins Road to Route 83 and vice versa. Detours will be in effect for the next six to eight weeks.

The following video is about three hours condensed down to fifteen minutes to show you the final hour before traffic was allowed to pass UNDER the new railroad bridge as well as the temporary Rote 83 bridge.

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Rollins Road Switch-Over on Thursday, September 25

by Gene Carey : September 24, 2014 9:26 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates, Round Lake Area News

Traffic expected to begin switching after 10:00 AM

The contractors needed just one additional day to get the concrete shoulder curbing, center curbing, lane markings, and a few more minor details completed before switching traffic from the temporary Rollins Road bypass onto the new roadway.

Until the Route 83 merge lanes are completed, there will be NO turns onto either Rollins or Route 83 from either roadway. This will last for the next six to eight weeks as they remove the bypass so that Route 83 can be completed where it needs to merge to the south.

Post by Rollins Road Gateway Updates.

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A Reminder About the Rollins Road Detours on Sept. 24th

by Gene Carey : September 22, 2014 5:17 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates, Round Lake Area News

Plenty of activity today

Plenty of activity today

IMPORTANT UPDATE: An announcement from the project engineer now says the following:
“This afternoon, we were informed by our contractor that they would be unable to make the traffic switch onto the new Rollins pavement scheduled for tomorrow. Instead, it will be postponed until Thursday, September 25.

Traffic will begin shifting in the morning, starting with WB traffic on Rollins. Throughout the day, the contractor will work on placing striping and shifting traffic signals. By mid-afternoon, we hope to have EB traffic shifted onto the new pavement as well.


Just a quick reminder that starting September 24th there will be NO access to Route 83 from either direction on Rollins Road. The same goes for Route 83 with NO access to Rollins Road. This is due to the need to remove the Rollins bypass which is currently blocking the area where Route 83 will merge with Rollins Road when the project is complete. For the next six to eight week the temporary Route 83 bridge will remain in use. Rollins Road will pass under both the railroad bridge as well as the Rt. 83 bridge. I had posted detour routes previously with Washington Street being the designated route.

There were a lot of areas on the east side of the project that were missing concrete as of Sunday but I was told today that those areas will be filled with asphalt since they will be removed later when adjoining areas are prepared, such as where the bypass will get torn up at places where it touches the new roadway.  Areas that still have no curbing will be lined with large orange barrels until they complete the curbing installation and temporary landscaping.

Westbound shoulder lane in front of Jewel

Westbound shoulder lane in front of Jewel

A lot of curbing still remains to be done

A lot of curbing still remains to be done

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The One Year Anniversary of the Rollins Road Gateway Project

by Gene Carey : September 15, 2014 1:57 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates, Round Lake Area News

Time lapse videos showing what has occurred from September 2013 until September 2014

Rollins Road Camera

Rollins Road Camera

As we all grit our teeth over the upcoming six to eight week intersection closure beginning September 24th at Rollins Road and Route 83, let’s take a look back and see how it has all come together using the two cameras that the County had installed a year ago. As I reported previously, one is installed near the Mallard Creek sign on Rollins Road and faces east. It shows the work being performed on the west side of the railroad tracks including the Rollins Road bypass being constructed in front of Gateway Park which is across the street from McDonald’s and the Mallard Creek Shopping Center.

The other camera is high on a single pole in front of PepBoys on Route 83 next to Hobby Lobby. It faces south and records the activity taking place on the east side of the railroad tracks. As you will see in the following two time-lapse videos, there was a very abnormal winter that the construction crews had to contend with. Yet, with the bypass, commuters still had the same number of lanes available, the same number of traffic lights to contend with, and the same railroad track and numerous trains. We have to be thankful for the great planning and effort that everyone involved put forth to create the least amount of inconvenience as possible.

The upcoming detours cannot be avoided, though, due to the need to remove the bypass in order to complete the south leg of the Route 83 roadway. This was all detailed in the September 11th posting HERE

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Rollins Road & Rt. 83 Detours Scheduled for September 24th

by Gene Carey : September 11, 2014 2:34 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates, Round Lake Area News

Rollins Road Reconstruction Lane Reconfiguration Begins September 24th

Detour - NO Turns

Detour – NO Turns

The following information is regarding the upcoming detour on the Rollins Road project scheduled to start September 24, 2014. Both IL 83 and Rollins will remain open at all times, turns will be restricted between the two roads for 6-8 weeks.

Project resident engineer, Mark Molnar, took a photo on site today to help illustrate why they need to have these restrictions for Stage 3 the next two months. The photo was taken from the center of new Rollins, facing east towards the rail bridge. You can see the new lanes of Rollins which will be opened up in a couple weeks (with more concrete coming soon to fill the gaps). A little ways back is the temporary bridge for IL 83, where traffic must remain during Stage 3. Between this bridge and the rail bridge, Mark highlighted where the new intersection with IL 83 will be built. They cannot build IL 83 south (right in the photo) of the intersection until the steel retaining wall in the photo is removed. That retaining wall is holding up temporary Rollins, so it can’t be removed until traffic is moved from temporay Rollins to the new pavement.

Photo and notations courtesy of Mark Molnar, Resident Project Engineer

Photo and notations courtesy of Mark Molnar, Resident Project Engineer

Because of this, IL 83 traffic must stay where it is until they can remove the retaining wall, complete a new wall to hold back the RR tracks South of Rollins, and tie IL 83 back into Rollins. Since IL 83 will be above Rollins, there is no way for cars to turn between the two roads, hence the detour. They expect this work to completed in November, allowing for full restoration of the intersection with no more delays from trains.

As far as work on the project, the contractor is continuing to install new Rollins pavement. Next week, they will start installing the curb and gutter and begin placing the asphalt for widening at the east end of the job, along with the driveways and widening on Hainesville. Com Ed has cleared the North leg of IL 83, so the contractor can complete their storm sewer work, place the stone base, and be ready to install pavement shortly.

Progress-wise, they are behind from where they would like to be. They were hoping to have all the new pavement installed by the end of this year, but there won’t be enough time for that to happen before the weather won’t allow this work. Instead, they have extended the project into next year. The stage 3 work will be completed this year, so they’ll still have an intersection that will function better than before (no trains). The roadwork remaining for next year will be much simpler than what they’ve had to deal with so far and hopefully should have minimal impact on you as you drive through. They expect the project to be fully complete in June 2015.

Detour could last 6-8 weeks

The following detour routes are a from the Lake County Department of Transportation:

Round Lake Beach, IL – The Lake County Division of Transportation will be restricting turn movements at Rollins Road, Lake County Route A-20, and Illinois Route 83 starting Wednesday, September 24, 2014, at 6 A.M. Eastbound and westbound traffic on Rollins Road will be moved to the newly constructed lanes under the temporary bridge at Illinois Route 83 and the newly constructed bridge carrying the Canadian National Railroad over Rollins Road west of the intersection. Northbound and southbound traffic on Illinois Route 83 will continue to use the existing temporary bridge over Rollins Road. This will restrict ALL turn movements at the intersection. Intentions are to reopen the turning movements at Rollins Road and Illinois Route 83 by the end of November, pending weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

• The signed detour route to access Illinois Route 83 from eastbound Rollins Road will be Hainesville Road to Washington Street to Illinois Route 83.

• The signed detour route to access Illinois Route 83 from westbound Rollins Road will be US Route 45 to Washington Street to Illinois Route 83.

• The signed detour route to access eastbound Rollins Road will be Illinois Route 83 to Washington Street to US Route 45 to Rollins Road.

• The signed detour route for westbound Rollins Road will be Illinois Route 83 to Washington Street to Hainesville Road.

Please drive safely through the construction areas and respect the business parking lots and neighborhoods by using the assigned detour routes.

Detour routes

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Rollins Road Gateway and Washington Street Project Updates

by Gene Carey : July 25, 2014 4:16 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates, Round Lake Area News

Washington St. opens to through traffic – Rollins opens under the bridge

Final Striping

Final Striping

There has been plenty of activity at both the Rollins Road Gateway project as well as the Washington Street widening project. Starting with Washington Street, the barricades came down late Wednesday afternnon and the road was open to through traffic Thursday morning for the rush hour. The contractors will continue working on residential driveways, etc. and may have to use flaggers on occasion to divert traffic if need be. The following video shows the temporary striping which was put on the initial binder layer of asphalt (about 6″ thick). Once the second 2 1/4″ layer and then the final 2 1/4″ top layer are put down, the final striping will be done. At that time it will have bike lanes clearly marked on both sides and a turn lane in the middle.

Here’s some views you won’t find anywhere else. After removing sheet pilings as long as 60′, that held up the temporary railroad bypass, the contractors are now able to drive under the new rail bridge and work on constructing the concrete retaining walls which require steel pilings along the sides. For some reason it doesn’t seem like that steep of an incline now that it has been opened up. You have to remember that we used to go uphill on Rollins Road to get over the tracks just like the bypass road does now. I was also told that the contractors were pretty well caught up on the delays caused by the inclement weather we have had and are back on schedule. This is what the resident engineer had to say:

Work has begun on the remaining foundation work for the new railroad bridge abutments. These abutments will allow for the placement of a second bridge in the future, once the railroad opts to build a second track. (This will not happen as part of this project, but will be undertaken by the railroad at some point in the future.) The first step of this work involves driving steel H-piles, similar to what was done in March. This should continue for the next two weeks.

The contractor has also been removing the steel sheet piling near the new railroad bridge. You can now see the path where the new Rollins Road will pass under the new railroad bridge (and temp IL 83 bridge).

Coming up, the contractor will continue working on the sewer and water on the east leg of Rollins and under the bridges. They also plan to start sidewalk and curb both on the west leg of Rollins and in the Jewel shopping center. Work on the west side of Hainesville s. of Clarendon has been pushed back to mid-August.

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Washington Street Gets Asphalt Thursday July 17th

by Gene Carey : July 16, 2014 10:00 PM : Rollins Road Gateway Updates, Round Lake Area News

Avoid this area since there will be a LOT of trucks coming and going

Washington Street

Washington Street

Starting Thursday morning around 7:00 AM contractors will begin putting down the new asphalt on the Washington Street widening project. They will be using one of their monster machines that will be capable of reaching from the curb’s edge to the center of the 3-lane road, thus creating only one seam in the middle. One truck filled with hot asphalt will only produce about 30 feet of roadway so you can imagine just how many truckloads it will take to do the entire length of the project. Even so, they are hoping to open the stretch up to traffic next week. Please avoid this area and don’t try to navigate through it during this final phase since any unnecessary traffic just slows things down for the workers and truckers trying to navigate with their mirrors. Below is one last video trip down the road before it all gets covered over with new asphalt. Below that is a short video showing the continued excavation of dirt by the new Rollins Road railroad bridge. Most of the temporary steel pilings that will now need to be removed or cut off below ground level have been exposed. These were necessary to hold back the pressure of the temporary rail line while they excavated and installed the concrete supports for the new rail bridge right next to it. They have served their purpose and now must be removed.

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