Rollins Road Gateway Update 10-10-13

There is plenty of activity in just about all phases at the Rollins Road Gateway site as workers continue to move dirt around, tear up more asphalt, install more utilities underground, transfer existing electrical wires to new poles, and yet try to keep traffic moving with little interruption.

Work continues at the new entrance to Mallard Creek Shopping Center
Work continues at the new entrance to Mallard Creek Shopping Center

The new entrance that is being built just west of McDonald’s to Mallard Creek Shopping Center was bustling with activity with cranes, bulldozers, and village employees all working together to locate and mark existing utilities. ComEd has a whole new row of electrical poles installed on the south side of Rollins along the path where the future Hainesville Road reconfiguration will be built. Crews have been busy removing old poles as the wires are transferred over to the new ones.  Asphalt has been stripped in portions of the Jewel parking lot as well as next to Mrs V’s Restaurant across the street. The basement of the closed PNC Bank has been removed and has been filled with a layer of sand prior to additional fill being added. Work also continues next to LubePros with heavy equipment adding additional dirt and packing it down for the railroad track temporary move slightly to the west while the overhead bridge is being installed.

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