Rollins Road Gateway Update 10-18-13

There’s certainly a lot going on at the Rollins Road Gateway Project but with the Fall weather bringing cooler temperatures will the asphalt plants CLOSE before they have a chance to pour the Rollins Road bypass strip? It doesn’t matter if it’s not the ideal pour since it will only serve as a temporary bypass until the new Rollins Road is completed during 2014 but guard rails, etc. still need to be installed as well. The unexpected poor soil conditions in the Gateway Park area set the County back a couple of weeks as they studied different approaches on how to overcome the situation. Also, the decades old 20″ gas main that feeds the shopping centers on the east side of Route 83 was deemed to be unsuitable for the long term and a new one had to be augered and installed under Hainesville Road. A lot of the dirt that was spread out along the Gateway Park area had to be removed and a different type installed after the polymar webbing was stapled down over the soggy soil area, along with sand and crushed rock.

They are making some headway with the two new entrances to the shopping areas on the east side of Rt. 83 as well as the new one west of McDonald’s. Temporary traffic lights have been installed in front of Jewel-Osco as well as the restaurant on the south side. The County predicted that the time frame for switching traffic over to the bypass would be late October or early November. However, from my own years of working in the highway construction field, I would definitely be concerned that the asphalt plants may not remain open due to inclement weather approaching and thus NO BYPASS will take place until they reopen the plants next Spring.

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  • John Storaasli

    Just a quick note of thanks for your continuing efforts. Just driving by on a daily basis doesn’t provide a lot of information, but being able to access a regular report of progress/problems/achievements is a most valued resource!

    • by Gene Carey

      Thank you for your kind words. Many people don’t realize the time it takes to walk around the entire construction site, edit and stitch a bunch of short video clips together, upload the final results to YouTube, and then write a few paragraphs about what is going on and posting it to my local blog as well as linking to Facebook and Twitter. I appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge that.


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