Rollins Road Gateway Update 10-2-13

PNC Bank, nothing but a faint memory now
PNC Bank, nothing but a faint memory now

With the Rollins Road Gateway Project barreling thru the vacant PNC Bank all but the vault remained at the end of today. It’s not a place of business I will miss even after having an account there since 1985. When they made the decision not to open any type of small branch office or even put an ATM inside one of the local supermarkets, they left both new and old customers with the need to travel to Grayslake or beyond just to withdraw some spending cash or deposit a small check. Sorry, but in my opinion they won’t be missed and I welcome State Bank of the Lakes new banking facility soon to open on Rollins Road.

As far as the Rollins bypass area, they have just about covered the gravel that was poured on top of the polymer webbing over the poor soil area that I wrote about earlier. A few days ago they put up some orange screening to keep drivers from exiting McDonald’s thru the old shopping strip but today they have reinforced everything and added a whole lot more of those barrels. Driving around the businesses in the back of Mallard Creek only indicated the GNR supplement store, a beauty salon, and the Chinese buffet are still open. Everything else in there looked vacant.

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