Rollins Road Gateway Update 10-20-13

Just WHERE Is Mallard Creek Drive?

Clarendon remains closed between Hainesville Rd. and Williams
Clarendon remains closed between Hainesville Rd. and Williams

As part of the ongoing Rollins Road Gateway Project, this latest update is to let everyone know about the traffic signals that are being removed at the intersection of Rollins Road and Mallard Creek Drive. The removal will happen on Monday, October 21st and once they are removed the traffic on Rollins Road will no longer be required to stop. Southbound traffic on Mallard Creek will have a simple stop sign and drivers will need to proceed with caution when entering out onto Rollins Road. Keep in mind that there is NO center “merge” lane at this intersection since they have a left turn lane for eastbound Rollins Road traffic and a right turn lane for westbound Rollins traffic. You might be wise to use a different street if you want to head east off of Mallard Creek Drive and avoid the possibility of being involved in an accident.

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