Rollins Road Gateway Update 10-22-13

At the Rollins Road Gateway Project traffic is a real mess on northbound Route 83 just before Rollins Road. They have blocked off the right northbound lane and shifted traffic over into a portion of the left turn lane. Expect delays if you are using that route. Over by McDonald’s on Rollins Road, they are compacting the final layer of sand and getting ready for the asphalt. This should be the first new entrance that will get paved. Work continues at a rapid pace to complete the railroad shoofly that will allow rail traffic to bypass the construction while the rail bridge is being put into place. The soil where PNC Bank used to be has also been built up in anticipation of the Rollins bypass that will run in front of Petland and ZIP Fitness before exiting just ahead of Mrs. V’s Restaurant. This is all temporary while they work on the new Rollins/Route 83 intersection.

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