Rollins Road Gateway Update 10-29-14

Rollins Road UpdateThe contractor hopes to have the steel retaining wall for the south leg of IL 83 completed by the end of the week.  Also, Com Ed plans to have their conflict there cleared as well.  Once that happens, the contractor will begin the final earth excavation and drainage work for that leg of IL 83.  Hopefully, concrete paving will start in the last section of IL 83 by mid-November.  Once that is done, the intersection of Rollins and IL 83 will be reopened and the detour over.  That will happen before winter.

The contractor is continuing to work on getting whatever other areas that they can complete before winter.  Curb and sidewalk crews have been working throughout the project completing what they can.  Once they are done, the landscapers will come through to place the final ground cover.

Work has started in the parking lot south of Rollins and east of IL 83.  They’ll get as much of that finished as they can this year, with the rest to follow after temporary IL 83 has been removed.

Also, they have begun staining the new concrete walls.  Below is a photo of the first section.  Hopefully, you can imagine how much nicer it will look with grass in front of it instead of clay. The new retaining wall in front of Little Caesars will give you an idea of what the final product will look like.

Rollins Road Update

As they see it, the work remaining for the spring will be:

a) construction of the east half of IL 83

b) completing Hainesville where it is crossing temporary Rollins Road

c) completing and landscaping the remaining medians on Rollins and IL 83

d) resurfacing IL 83 (and maybe Rollins) at our job limits

e) re-grading and landscaping Gateway Park

f) final restoration of the parking lots east of IL 83.

They expect this to be all wrapped up by early summer.

[Thank you to Mark S. Molnar, Resident Project Manager, for this update & photo]


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