Rollins Road Gateway Update 10-4-13

Work continues in Gateway Park as they add and compact more dirt over the area that had the poor soil. Eventually the Rollins Road bypass strip will climb to the same elevation that is on the east side of Hainesville Road where the embankment is gradually being refined for the temporary rail crossing.

I had shown in a previous video a very small PVC pipe (maybe 10″ in diameter) running underneath the new bypass dirt being compacted.  It was draining water from the huge culvert underneath Rollins Road and I questioned how it would hold up in inclement weather as well as not get clogged up. Today the County engineer released a statement saying:

Also in Gateway Park, drainage work will begin, mostly with some temporary storm sewers for Rollins Road, but also permanent pipe for Hainesville.  The crews will continue to work to the east and eventually install drainage for the new entrances for the shopping centers.

Payless Shoe Source


PNC Bank is nothing but a foundation now and Payless Shoe Source only has the rear wall still standing. Work continues in both of those areas as they sort the material before hauling it away. The County also released a statement saying:

On October 18th, Clarendon will be closed between Hainesville and William.  This is to allow the construction of the newly aligned Hainesville pavement.  By November 8th, Clarendon and the new Hainesville will be open to traffic.  Hainesville will not be closing; just shifting west.

The following video shows what is left of PNC Bank as well as the work that has been done so far to remove Payless Shoe Source.

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