Rollins Road Gateway Update 8-21-13

Flagmen on Hainesville Road
Flagmen on Hainesville Road

There was asphalt paving on Hainesville Road today and on the bike paths in Gateway Park. The speed limit in the construction area remained the same as normal for this portion of Hainesville Road which is 30 MPH. This is the initial pour and will require additional layering in order to align with the existing  roadway so expect more single lane traffic when trucks are moving in and out of the area. As I continued west on Rollins I could see a new asphalt bike path poured in the Commonwealth Edison grassy area leading to Gateway Park. There is orange plastic barricade screening to warn walkers & riders. However, there is also an opening for you to proceed with caution on the new asphalt. 
Continue to use caution in both of these areas.

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