Rollins Road Gateway Update 9-11-13

There was plenty of activity at the construction site with truck after truck bringing more dirt loads that will be used to create the Rollins Road bypass. Over the past two days one of the vacant houses was removed along with its foundation. This made it easier for the large semis to get in and out of the site at the end of Clarendon. While I was there, under the Gateway Park gazebo, it started to rain. That caused quite a bit of mud to be tracked out onto Clarendon and all along Hainesville Road up to Rollins. Fortunately it didn’t last too long and even helped wash some of the mud away once the workers left. Otherwise they would have needed someone with a shovel cleaning off Clarendon after each semi exited the site.

Very poor soil conditions in some areas
Very poor soil conditions in some areas

They have continued to widen the path of the Rollins by-pass along Gateway Park, coming up within a few feet of the gazebo. This may be due to having to get farther away from the spongy soil they have encountered as well as the 30″ high-pressure gas line buried years ago. There is some activity also going on north of Rollins so maybe some of the utilities will wind up over there temporarily.

Habitat for Humanity continued removing items from the remaining three vacant houses. I was told that the corner house may come down on Thursday and Friday. It was owned by a long-time friend of mine so I’m hoping to get some footage of the demolition for him. Lake County Grading is the sub-contractor doing the soil preparation and they kept busy the whole time I was there. In comparison, ComEd had trucks parked along Hainesville Road, one with a pole dangling a few feet off the ground, but there wasn’t a soul in site doing anything.

I caught some footage of a police car heading east on Rollins Road with its siren blaring, but as you can see in the video it didn’t get far with a train blocking the road. You will also see some footage of the huge back-up that occurs everytime a train blocks Rollins Road, which happens at least 50 times per day. Even after the crossing gates go up and the traffic signals turn green, very few cars make it thru the intersection during the first light change. Then it takes awhile for all the lights along Rollins and Rt. 83 to get back in sync again. This will all be a faint memory once the project is completed. How long it will actually take them may change due to the soil conditions and figuring out how to deal with the large gas main feeding the shopping areas east of Route 83.

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