Rollins Road Gateway Update 9-13-13

Steel assemblies brought in for some reason
Steel assemblies brought in for some reason

Today’s video shows the removal of the third vacant house in the path of the Rollins Road Gateway Project leaving only one remaining. Instead of trucks coming in on Clarendon to dump loads of dirt, they are now coming in off of Rollins Road with a traffic control person there to stop traffic when needed. Once they dump their load they are now able to continue on and exit out Clarendon to Hainesville Road making for a nice uninterrupted traffic flow. Besides the pile of dirt they are accumulating by the pond, they are now building an even bigger one next to the ComEd towers along Rollins Road. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, they have added a lot of white crushed rock to a low area and today they have a large machine sitting on it. Next to the machine there are a lot of steel assemblies that look like something that will be buried or installed to alleviate pressure on the 30″ high-pressure gas main that has become an issue. Behind the large red container there is a supply of buckets and bags that appear to be something that will be mixed together like high strength concrete. That may get poured into those steel assemblies once they are put into place. This is just an assumption that they are to remain and be buried in the soil.

ComEd never ceases to amaze me. Just like the last couple of days, the workers just sit in their trucks doing nothing for hours on end. Today I could see them in their cabs and until somebody showed up to spray a utility marker, they didn’t accomplish much. You would think that the marks would all have been sprayed prior to their arrival since they knew where they were going to plant the new poles. At this rate I don’t see how they will get the poles and lines on the NW corner of Hainesville and Clarendon moved out of the way to prevent a delay in the road reconfiguration. You can definitely see the difference in the amount of work being completed by sub-contracters compared to ComEd and Nicor, who also sat around in their trucks the other day.

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