Rollins Road Gateway Update 9-16-13

All four vacant houses and their foundations have been removed
All four vacant houses and their foundations have been removed

Today at the Rollins Road Gateway Project they completed the removal of the last vacant house along Hainesville Road and also removed the remaining three concrete foundations. Across the street on Hainesville, ComEd finished stringing some new lines on the three poles that were installed late last week. The big, strange looking machine that has been sitting on the bed of white gravel in a fairly low area turned out to be an augering machine. Nicor Gas had all kinds of personnel on the site as they prepared to start augering under Hainesville Road to install a brand new 20″ high-pressure gas main. Apparently this is to replace the 30″ main that was installed several decades ago and may not have been able to handle the added weight of the new Rollins Road bypass along with the vehicle traffic. On the east side of Hainesville Road they finished preparing one of those huge worker safety boxes to lower down into the big hole they had dug on that side. There was additional dirt added to the piles alongside the Gateway Park gazebo and ComEd towers as Lake County Excavating continued to prepare the ground for the new bypass strip.

Tomorrow I am also planning on shooting some video of the first day that Washington Street is totally closed down for the 3-lane widening project so be sure to check back.

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