Rollins Road Gateway Update 9-20-13

This is what you can expect to see happening over the next several days according to a news release from the on-site project manager:

On 9/21/13, we plan to see some embankment start going in for the temporary railroad track, or shoofly as it’s known.  This temporary track will shift trains slightly to the west, allowing us to build the new bridge over Rollins this winter.

In the next week, you will continue to see demolition on the existing buildings as well.  This should wrap up shortly, clearing the way for our temporary pavement. 

Augering under Hainesville Road
Augering under Hainesville Road

Utilities are also continuing their relocation.  NICOR is completing their installation of a new 20” gas main beneath IL 83, south of Rollins.  Because the grade of IL 83 is dropping, this new line was required to ensure the gas line was safely below the new IL 83 pavement.  To install the pipe, a hole had to be bored underground, then the new pipe pulled through it.  Because of the depth and to safely pass under the railroad tracks, the machine that did this had to start all the way west of Hainesville in Gateway Park.  NICOR will continue work to tie this into their existing system and relocate some of the smaller distribution lines.

Com Ed has started working on some of their relocates as well.  They will start with a few minor moves to move some high priority conflicting poles, and push their own conduit under the railroad in the weeks to come.

 We are working on setting up the documentation cameras for the site.  With these, you’ll be able to get images of the work progressing from two points of view throughout the project.  Please be on the lookout for an update once these are up and running.

In the first week of October, the contractor plans to start the construction of the new entrances to Rollins Plaza (the shopping center north and south of Rollins, east of IL 83).  The local businesses will remain open during construction.  Please check our Local Business page on the website for more information on the stores and what entrances are active.

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