Rollins Road Gateway Update 9-29-13


Fiberglass or plastic mesh has been secured to the ground in a large area
Fiberglass/plastic mesh has been secured to the ground

This past week the County reported that they had completed the installation of two construction cameras so that everyone could see live updates every half hour. One is located in front of Pep Boys on Route 83 and faces south towards the Rollins – Rt. 83 intersection. The second one is located just west of the intersection of Rollins and Mallard Creek and faces east to show the work being performed on the west side of the railroad tracks.  They also reported that the designer had come up with a solution to overcome the poor soil conditions that had slowed a portion of the project down. Either a heavy-duty plastic or fiberglass webbing has been secured to the ground in a large area as you can see in the photo and video. This may act like how a “deadman” timber or brick does in a retaining wall, helping to transfer the pressure to a remote area once it is covered up.

They have also removed the drive-thru bays at the vacant PNC Bank building and are still cleaning up the area on the west side of Rt. 83 north of Rollins Road. A couple of days ago Nicor was busy installing a new 6″ underground gas line to the McDonald’s restaurant. This coming week they will be working on the new entrance to Mallard Creek Shopping Center just west of McDonald’s, although the existing ones will all remain open.

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