Round Lake Area 2011 Pageant Winners

At Friday nights BeachFest the Round Lake Area 2011 Pageant was held inside the Cultural Center. Many of the Village Dignitaries were in attendance as well as a full house of parents and pageant winners from surrounding areas to cheer everyone on. The Mistress of Ceremonies was Tajari Lester, Jr. Miss Round Lake Area 2009. I must mention that this young lady did an incredible job, totally prepared and well versed, patiently waiting when necessary, helping the little contestants who got a bit of stage fright, and handling the mic (turning off when necessary) like a true professional. She might want to seriously consider a career in the broadcasting business.

The video below is a bit grainy since I shot it at maximum zoom with a small back-up camera I don’t normally use when I need to do a lot of zooming in. It shows the outgoing 2010 Pageant winners welcoming in the 2011 Pageant winners at the Round Lake BeachFest festivities on June 17th, 2011.

2010 Outgoing
Miss Round Lake Area = Caitlyn Sass
Jr. Miss Round Lake Area = Kathleen Hunt
Little Miss Round Lake Area = Jade Steger
Tiny Miss Round Lake Area = Sabrina Smith

Incoming 2011
Miss Round Lake Area = Rebecca Deveraux
Jr. Miss Round Lake Area = Kara Pohlman
Little Miss Round Lake Area = Liliana Tosado
Tiny Miss Round Lake Area = Darby Leetch

The video below is just a snapshot of all the contestants who had the desire to represent the Round Lake Area as our 2011 Queens. You are ALL winners!

(NOTE: The still shot below is actually Elisa Pinneo but when it froze the scene
it was already picking up Liliana’s information from the next scene)

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