Tracking Our Community’s Response to the Census

As we posted earlier, taxpayer’s could save up to $1.5 BILLION by mailing back their census forms. By doing so, census takers would not be required to come to your house (maybe several times if no one is home) to take a physical report. The nation just surpassed the 60% mark as of April 5th — over half the nation has returned their census form. Is our area above or below this national rate?

You can compare the percentage of mailed-back returns from District 116  to the National average by viewing the two graphics displayed  in the left hand column which are updated automatically.

Remember: census data help determine how more than $400 BILLION in Federal funds are distributed to state, local and tribal areas each year. A complete count of OUR area in the census will help ensure that WE get our fair share of census-based funding for the next ten years!

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