Round Lake School Based Clinic In Stealth Mode

School Based Clinic in Stealth Mode
School Based Clinic in Stealth Mode

Over the next few months the parents of students in the Round Lake Area District 116 School District will not be hearing much regarding the proposed school based health clinic (SBC).  As they go about spending the $40,000 grant money to complete their study, those connected with the project appear to have gone into stealth mode with little or no information being released.

If any parent is approached or receives a questionnaire regarding what their feelings are regarding having a health clinic on the school grounds, be sure that you are INFORMED before answering any questions.  The answers you will give them will be used to determine whether bankers and health institutions will be willing to fork out money for something that may not be profitable to them. That’s right, PROFITABLE! They are not building these clinics to break even. They are building them to MAKE MONEY! In areas where there is insufficient student participation they are now offering health services to students families to MAKE MONEY!

Recently a report came out as follows:

2010-2012 Strategic Plan Status Report
By Irene Pierce
Executive Director
Lake County Health Department/
Community Health Center

“…. the Health Department joined an advisory group that is considering the feasibility of establishing a school-based health center at Round Lake High School. Outcomes of initial studies indicate that there is unanimous community and school support for the need for a school-based health center for the district.”

Maybe they could supply us with what questions were asked and how many parents were included in the survey. I doubt that the ‘blanket consent form’ was discussed or detailed much.

Before answering any questionnaires you should take the time to read the following from a doctor in the Natchez-Adams School District to see what he had to say about a recently established SBC in their school:

Doctor questions school-based health care (September 17, 2011)

Dr. David Timm told school board members at their September meeting it is the policy of the Jefferson Comprehensive clinic at Robert Lewis and at all school-based clinics to treat students without a parent or guardian present.

“This is disturbing,” Timm said.

Timm said it was ridiculous to allow 12, 13 and 14-year-old students to receive health care without a parent or adult present to hear medical personnel recite medical instructions.

The Robert Lewis clinic has been operating since April after the board approved the school-based clinic in March, NASD Interim Superintendent Joyce Johnson said.

Robert Lewis Principal Sekufele Lewanika said the clinic only treats students whose parents have signed consent forms.

Lewanika said parents or guardians of 180 students out of more than 600 students enrolled at Robert Lewis signed consent forms for their child to be treated at the clinic.

“(By signing consent forms,) parents give rights to the clinic to treat their child and do whatever they want to do,” Lewanika said.

In a follow-up article, yet another doctor chimed in as follows:

These consents were signed at registration, along with stacks of other papers. I have been told by several parents that they were not fully informed prior to signing consent for their child to be seen.

Several of these parents assumed triage of their sick child was to be done by the school nurse, as has been done in past years.

What if the child’s medical history changes from the time the initial form was signed? What if their allergy history changes? This could be a potentially life-threatening situation if a child was given a shot of antibiotics they were allergic to!

Do you think parents will remember to call and inform the school if their child has an allergic reaction to an antibiotic? Probably not; because they would not consider that the school would be giving their child a shot without a parent present.

The principal was quoted as saying, “Parents give the right to the clinic to treat their child and do whatever they want to do. Really?

Give plenty of thought before you decide that a school based clinic is the RIGHT thing for the Round Lake Area School District 116.

Here’s another good read regarding the parent’s eroding say over their children’s health care:

School Health Clinics. For years, children’s rights
advocates have further eroded parental authority
by setting up health care facilities in schools. These
clinics have been funded by a menagerie of federal,
state, and private funds. Trumpeted as a way to provide
better care for children, these facilities are used
as referral centers for abortion. On March 25, 2010,
Fox News reported that a 15 year-old had used a
school-based clinic to obtain an abortion without
notifying her mother. The mother reported that her
daughter had been told that if she told her mother,
the mother would be financially responsible for the
abortion. If the daughter kept it secret, she was told
the abortion would be free. Without any parental
involvement, the school-based clinic called a cab for
the girl, which took her to the local abortion clinic
where an abortion was performed.37
In March 2010, the federal government authorized
the expenditure of taxpayer dollars to further
undermine parental authority in the area of their
children’s health care. With the passage of the new
federal health care bill, Congress authorized a
specific program for school-based clinics.38 While
the law could have required parental consent for
services, it did not. Undoubtedly, these clinics will
provide all kinds of services, including contraceptives
and abortion referral services, without parental

STD Treatment. Attempts to maintain parental
authority over other health care related to sexual
activity have been less successful. For example, all
50 states and D.C. deny parents the right to consent
to their children’s STD services. Eleven of those
states retain the right for parents if the child has not
reached a certain age (12 or 14). Eighteen of those
states allow, but do not require, physicians to inform
a minor’s parent that he/she is seeking STD testing
and treatment. Although one state requires the physician
to inform the parent if the child tests positive
for HIV, the other 17 states do not.36 A child may
be infected with the deadly HIV virus, and in 49
states, parents are not even notified.

Talk about ridiculous government intervention, how would you like to be living in the house with someone who has been diagnosed with HIV or an STD and YOU were NOT informed. Think about all the items you each use and touch.

If you are NOT ready to turn your child’s health care decisions over to someone else (starting with a a Nurse Practitioner) without knowledge of what is being prescribed or medical procedures being performed join the Public Forum HERE and let your feelings be known. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take a stand.

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