Round Lake Area Halloween Trick or Treat Hours for 2017

Local area Round Lake villages as well as Hainesville & Grayslake

NOTE: The Village of Round Lake voted at a Board meeting to CHANGE their hours after this post was made as well as the graphic. They will now hold their T&T on Sunday from 1-5 instead of on Tuesday.

2017 Trick or Treat hours are all over the map this year. Note that the Village of Round Lake may have different days/hours for some areas of the village depending on what the Home Owner Associations in their subdivisions decide on. The administration does not feel that the governing body should be dictating Trick or Treat days/hours.

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    • by Gene Carey

      If you are referring to the village of Round Lake, they ended up changing their day and time at a Board meeting AFTER this was posted (and due to a lot of complaints). They are now holding theirs on Sunday from 1-5 like the other RL villages, with RLB starting an hour later. a revised graphic was posted on our Facebook page where most people seem to be migrating to.

  • GI JOE

    Hello Please understand my total miss trust in the government that acts like a nazi type government changing holidays to be celebrated on their day and not on the real holiday

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