Round Lake Area Local Elections 2013

Only three local elections have opposing slates

The following is a list of candidates and their respective tickets who have filed for the Round Lake Area local elections scheduled for April 2013. With only the Village of Round Lake, the Village of Round Lake Park, and Avon Township having opposing slates, the turnout of voters will likely be low.  I will be updating this post with links to their websites as they become available or when I locate them.

Round Lake

Community Commitment website
James (Jim) Dietz – Village President (Incumbent)
Joyce Swieton – Clerk (Incumbent)
Michael Blum – Trustee
Sonia Sandoval – Trustee (Incumbent)
David A. White – Trustee

Citizens First website, also Facebook Page
Daniel A. MacGillis – Village President
Patricia Blauvelt – Clerk
Susan Triphahn – Trustee (Incumbent)
Henry Frye Jr. – Trustee 
Donald Newby – Trustee (Incumbent)

Round Lake Beach

United Vision ~ Facebook page
Rich Hill – Mayor (Incumbent)
Margie Cleveland – Clerk (Incumbent)
Larry Mount – Trustee (Incumbent)
Chuck Husk – Trustee
Sylvia Valadez – Trustee (Incumbent)

Round Lake Heights

Terrance (Terry) Lumpkins – Mayor (Incumbent)
Maria McIntyre – Clerk (Incumbent)
Anthony Pekar – Trustee
Jeff Katzel – Trustee (Incumbent)
Andy Walker – Trustee (Incumbent)

Round Lake Park

Voice of Tomorrow for Everyone website
Mayor – Linda Lucassen (Incumbent Trustee)
Karen M. Eggert – Village Clerk
Robert P. Cerretti – Trustee (Incumbent)
Raeanne McCarty-Robles – Trustee
Donna G. Wagner – Trustee


Back in Black  website
Kathleen Pender – Mayor (Former Trustee)
Christine Lucheck – Clerk
David Christensen – Trustee (Former Trustee)
Robert Seminary – Trustee (Incumbent)
Jean Galford – Trustee


Linda Soto – Mayor (Incumbent)
John Derenoski – Trustee (Incumbent)
Gerry Daley – Trustee (Incumbent)
Georgeann Duberstein – Trustee (Incumbent)

Round Lake Area Park District

(one position available)
Tim Pasternak (Incumbent)
Bewrnard Meckler

Avon Township

 Avon Action website
Lisa Rusch – Supervisor (Incumbent Clerk)
Elona Hamilton – Clerk
Chris Ditton – Assessor (Incumbent)
Tom Brust – Highway Commissioner (Incumbent)
Christopher Larson – Trustee
Marc Feldstein – Trustee (Incumbent)
Randy Evangelides – Trustee (Incumbent)
Lisa DeLaMar – Trustee

Avon Strong website
Judy Armstrong – Supervisor (WITHDREW Jan 31st)
Patrica A. Smart – Clerk
Wayne George Flary – Assessor
Robert D. Kula – Highway Commissioner
Cathy deGroh – Trustee
Jeanne Kearby – Trustee
William McNeill – Trustee (Incumbent)
Annmarie Pryde – Trustee (WITHDREW Jan 31st)

Avon Unity – Independent  website under construction 2/18/13
Douglas Raul Williams – Supervisor (Incumbent Trustee)
James P. DeNomie – Highway Commissioner
Bob Flanary – Trustee
Erica J. Lopez – Trustee (WITHDREW)
Hal Sloan – Trustee
Stephen Hall – Trustee

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