9/11 Round Lake Area Memorial Ceremony

Reverend Lisle Kauffman gave the Prayer Service
Reverend Lisle Kauffman gave the Prayer Service
The Round Lake Area gathered together to remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and to honor those who serve. Speaking at the ceremony were Round Lake Beach Mayor Rich Hill, Round Lake Mayor Jim Dietz, Round Lake Heights Mayor Terry Lumpkin, Round Lake Park Mayor Jean McCue, State Senator Suzi Schmidt, State Representative Sandy Cole, Round Lake Area Fire Chief Mapplethorpe, and the Reverend Lisle Kauffman. The Round Lake High School Choir sang several songs and there was a 21 Gun Salute by the Round Lake Area Police Departments. Refreshments were served after the ceremony inside the facility.

The stage sound equipment cut out for short periods so several portions of the video are hard to hear.

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