A Great Memorial Day Parade until………………

…the rain came!

We had planned on showing you all the participants in Round Lake Area’s Memorial Day Parade and got ourselves a perfect location at a bend in the road that allowed a clean shot down Main Street in Round Lake. As we visited with other families who started to gather we couldn’t help but notice the changing skies and dark clouds moving in from the West. Hope went up as they appeared to be breaking up and moving North but as you can see from the photos in the slide show below, it didn’t last long.

As the old fire truck went by you will see some sprinkles on the windshield. When the R.L. Area Rescue Squad vehicles went by, you will notice that their wiper blades are still not on but the firetruck behind them appears to have turned theirs on.

Then we ducked further under the big tree that we were under to get out of the downpour and snapped a couple more photos of the poor participants getting totally SOAKED from the sudden rain storm. Look at those poor little tike’s being pushed by their Mom’s in their strollers wondering WHY ME!. Once the biker brigade went by we decided to save our new camera from damage, tucked it into a plastic bag that a guy gave me, and headed for the car about a block away. At least I had the ability to get out of the downpour but I sure felt sorry for those who were in the parade with no place to go. I circled around to get home which is close to the final destination of the parade at Round Lake Beach’s Memorial Park but since they no longer blast the sirens, I had no idea whether or not they completed the balance of the parade or quit part way. Like many others, I was soaked through to my underwear and everything went right into the dryer!

We hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day as we take a moment to acknowledge the sacrifice of the countless Americans who died while protecting the freedoms all Americans now enjoy.

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