Round Lake School Based Clinic Will NOT Contact Parents!

Brenda Bannor, Steering Committee Member of the Illinois Coalition for School-Based Health Centers
Brenda Bannor, Steering Committee Member of the Illinois Coalition for School-Based Health Centers
Brenda Bannor who is the spokesperson for the proposed Round Lake School Based Clinic made it quite clear at the recent community meeting that when a student utilizes the services of the clinic, the parent will NOT be notified. That is because once a parent signs off on a “blanket” authorization form, the SBC can prescribe any meds and perform any medical procedures they feel necessary without including notification to the parent(s). Their desire is to take FULL advantage of the Illinois law that allows confidentiality between the health care provider and the underage student. The Round Lake Area SBC wants to get between the parents, relatives, siblings, and ministers when it comes to someone a student normally would confide in.

Another school, Hopkins High, failed to open their proposed teen clinic which was on track to become the first suburban school in that state to house an on-campus clinic for teenagers offering contraception and STD testing.

Plans were derailed after the school board faced complaints that the rights of parents would be undermined and students’ sexual activity would increase.

At a Sept. 4 school board meeting a 19-year-old Eden Prairie resident, shared her experiences with the West Suburban Teen Clinic, which is based in Excelsior.

She told board members that easy access to the clinic opened the door for her to lie about sex and hide other things from her parents. As she became more sexually active, her visits to the clinic increased and she found herself thinking about the classes she could skip to go to the clinic.

“You need to uphold the desires of the parents,” she told the board. “My parents tried to protect me, and the clinic took that right away.”

Here is what has been going on in the Baltimore school clinics from as far back as 1992.

Frustrated by their apparent inability to put a dent in the city’s high teen-age pregnancy rate, Baltimore public health officials are planning to offer Norplant, the surgically implanted contraceptive, at clinics in city schools. The program is apparently the first in the nation that would provide students with the implant, which lasts five years

School-based clinics in Maryland have been dispensing contraceptives for two years. Under Maryland law, minors do not need parental consent to get contraception.

Here is a portion of what a typical consent form says:

I understand that my signature gives consent for the School Based Health Center Providers to treat my child and to communicate with my child’s primary health care provider. I understand that my signature indicates that I have received a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices. I give the school based clinic permission to call my home, leave a message on a machine or with a person regarding healthcare information. The SBC may also mail healthcare information to my home. I understand the student may request that visits remain confidential. Illinois Law does not require parental consent for treatment or advice about drug abuse, alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, or contraception.

Once a parent signs this blanket consent form they can kiss their parental participation in their child’s health care “good-bye”. Watch the video below as we attempt to emphasize the answer a local parent received when asking about being notified. Portions in the clip were purposely repeated to make our point.

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Although student health care is important, taking it out of the hands of parents is wrong which is why the community must say NO to the proposed school based clinic. It would be like opening up the side door to Walgreen’s or CVS for students to get prescription drugs without their parents knowledge or specific consent.

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