Round Lake Area Trick Or Treat Hours

Listed below are the Trick or Treat hours for the villages in District 116 which includes all Round Lake Villages and Hainesville.

Village of Round Lake = Sunday, October 31st from 1-5 PM

Village of Round Lake Beach = Sunday, October 31st from 1-5 PM

Village of Round Lake Heights = Sunday, October 31st from 1-5 PM

Village of Round Lake Park = Sunday, October 31st from 1-5 PM

Village of Hainesville = Sunday, October 31st from 4-7 PM

(Although Grayslake is not in District 116, their hours are the same as Hainesville)

Please note that Hainesville and Grayslake are the exceptions and toddlers will be Trick or Treating in the dark so be on the lookout for witches and goblins when traveling through those villages.

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  • Gene Carey

    They’re saving your parents a lot of money on future dentist bills and complying with Michelle Obama’s obesity campaign. Plus, senior citizens only have a limited amount to spend on candy for the kids. Evening hours were done away with in most villages to protect the trick or treaters from vehicle accidents and for their own safety.

    Find the best location and make the best use of your four hours!!

  • Brandy

    It has always been 1-5 for as long as I can remember. When I was a real little kid, they did it at nighttime and even then it was only 4-8. I personally am glad its during the day here, its safer. Kids dont have to worry as much about traffic and weirdos. I’m sorry but pedophiles come out in full effect on Halloween and I’m glad my kids go during the day. Plus, my kids are always tired after those 4 hours, they get plenty of candy(more than they need actually).

  • Gene Carey

    LOL ~ I just noticed that everyone is posting on the 2010 trick or treat post. Not really a lot of difference except that in 2010 Sunday was the 31st.

    Hope everyone had a good time and will still have an appetite for supper. 🙂


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