Round Lake Beach Roundabout Is A Roundabust

Lake County is planning on spending 2.654 million dollars on two roundabouts in Old Mill Creek. Construction is to begin in April and last through November. The County has selected two intersections similar to the one that Round Lake Beach tackled and failed miserably at. The intersections that the County will be transforming also are 3-way intersections located at Hunt Club at Milburn Rd. and Hunt Club at Wadsworth Rd. The ‘novelty‘ roundabout that Round Lake Beach built was also at a 3-way stop on a low traffic side street. A village employee told me that it was built to keep drivers who blew through the stop sign from ending up in the channel (several hundred feet down the road). Living in the area, I questioned the number of vehicles that were actually pulled from the water and why some rumble strips wouldn’t have done the job much cheaper.

Round Lake Beach’s brand new roundabout back in July 2010

Anyone traveling down Hunt Club, Milburn, or Wadsworth is seldom caught in any type of long traffic jam at the two intersections scheduled for the roundabouts. The biggest problem with simple stop signs is ignorant drivers who don’t know when it’s their turn to proceed, thus causing everyone to be delayed. Instead of trying some traffic lights with sensors on Milburn and Wadsworth to stop the normal flow through traffic on Hunt Club , the County prefers to experiment with their version of roundabouts. Since they will only be single lane roundabouts, they will probably follow Round Lake Beach’s example and STILL require a full stop before allowing vehicles to proceed into the intersection. That is not the purpose of a properly designed roundabout. They are supposed to keep traffic flowing without a full stop, otherwise they accomplish nothing. Here is what Lake County says will be done:
“Project consists of the construction of two-single-lane roundabouts, roadway reconstruction, curb and gutter, ditches, storm sewer, sidewalk, driveways, structure adjustments, landscaping and all other incidental items to complete the work on Hunt Club Road from Milburn Road to Wadsworth Road in the Village of Old Mill Creek.”

Sidewalks at this remote site??? Another waste of taxpayer money!

We reported earlier on the Round Lake Beach roundabout and questioned how long the signs would last due to their poor placement in the roadway (again not the way roundabout signage is supposed to be). Today, we stopped and took several photos of the ‘remains’ of our local roundabout which has become nothing but a big ‘roundabust‘ and poor use of taxpayers money. As you can see in the photos, coming from one direction, there is no longer any indication that the intersection requires going in a circle through it. ALL of the nice blue and white arrow signs that were installed in the roadway are missing and the posts have been totally sheared off at ground level as we reported would happen with snowplowing. Now, it is nothing more than a 3-way intersection that requires you to make an unnecessary wide turn to navigate, providing you pay attention to any remaining signs and don’t drive over the bump in the middle of the intersection.

Only the post remains with no warning about a roundabout intersection ahead


Roundabout center area appears to have been abandoned


ALL center-of-the-road sign posts have been sheared flush by snowplows


No Roadway Signs – How it should be done (using YIELD signs as well)


No Roadway Signs!
No Roadway Signs!

Too bad that there isn’t a place where taxpayers can file for a refund for this belly flop!

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