Round Lake Beach Code Enforcement Resident’s Meeting

On Saturday, April 23rd 2016, the Village of Round Lake Beach held a meeting regarding the ongoing property inspections within the Village to ensure that all properties meet basic building and property codes.

Deputy Chief Mike Scott
Deputy Chief Mike Scott

The Systematic Inspection Program details were presented by RLB Deputy Police Chief Michael Scott along with Code Enforcement Officer Yvonne Steward and Director of Inspection Services Margaret Sparr. The presentation consisted of several slides showing code violations as examples. Those in attendance were invited to ask any questions during the meeting which lasted approximately two hours. Some of the main issues mentioned were tall grass, waste containers left at the street or not properly stored, vehicles parked on grass or with expired tags, debris accumulation, fencing and exterior maintenance issues, etc.

Residents who want to report code violations can either call (847) 546-2351 or fill out the information on the village’s website.  It’s important that you include your name and contact information so that the code enforcement officers can clarify any questions that they may have. An example given would be a complaint about a fence falling down behind a shed, but a code enforcement officer would only see the front fence which had no apparent problem. Keep in mind that CEO’s will only be inspecting from the street and may not see what you are referring to.


Someone asked about dead or infected trees in the parkway. Mayor Rich Hill talked about the amount of funds set aside each year for tree removal and replacement, with the major issue being manpower/expense. He also stated that if a homeowner wants to split the cost of parkway tree removal, that homeowner would move higher on the list. Stump removal can often take up to a year to be removed. However, they maintain a list of stumps that still need removal so it’s not necessary to contact the Village to remind them.

The handouts included a list of 21 primary issues that the village will be checking for. If any of those, or others, are notated, the homeowner/tenant will receive an Advisory Notice, left on the day of the inspection, requesting that the violations be corrected.  A resident/tenant may also receive an Order to Remedy Violation notice if code violations are observed on drive-by’s or from neighbor complaints.

You can view the three handouts by clicking on the following link. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you will need to download it in order to view the .pdf file. Click to Download Adobe

If you have any issues or questions regarding:
* Street issues or repairs
*Snow removal
*Fallen trees
*Emerald ash bore
*Street lights
*Tree replacement
*Any other traditional Public Works tasks
Contact Scott Hilts, Public Works Director (RLB)
(847) 546-8752, ext. 428

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