RLB Emergency Management Agency Carnival Video

Round Lake Beach Mobile Eye Holds Their Annual Carnival Fundraiser

Round Lake Beach Mobile Eye Annual Carnival 2014
Round Lake Beach Mobile Eye Annual Carnival 2014

Once again the Round Lake Beach Emergency Management Agency is hosting a Skinner Amusement carnival next to Big Lot’s parking lot. If you just drive by you won’t realize how large the carnival really is and how many ride attractions there are for all ages. I stopped by around 1:15 on Saturday and shot some videos before the rides opened up at 1:30 just to give you an idea of what you can expect. With a few drizzles of rain coming down Friday night the rides were cancelled but Saturday’s weather was sunny and in the mid-60’s, although a bit windy. This is the ONLY fundraiser that the RLB Emergency Management Agency has all year long to provide funds for their volunteer operation so if you have some time and want to treat the kids, head on over. The dates are:

May 3rd & 4th: 1:30pm-?
May 8th & 9th: 5:30pm-?
May 10th & 11th: 1:30pm-?
All days are weather permitting

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