Round Lake Beach to Decide on Video Gambling

A vote scheduled for tonight on video gambling in Round Lake Beach
A vote scheduled for tonight on video gambling in Round Lake Beach
At tonight’s Round Lake Beach Village Board meeting, held at the RLB Village Hall at 7:00 PM , the Mayor and Trustees will be discussing and possibly voting on whether or not to allow video gambling in the village. The village board is currently split on those in favor and those opposed and although the public speaking portion of the meeting is scheduled for AFTER any vote, a crowd representing their views may help to determine the outcome.

Agenda item:
An Ordinance Amending Certain Sections of the Village Code to Authorize Video Gaming within the Village of Round Lake Beach.

I know that a very large crowd at the recent Park District meeting had a lot to do with the Commissioners tabling a vote on Ranger Kaminski’s use of his K9 dog, Nadja. There is strength in numbers so if you feel that gaining a few extra dollars from video gambling that might otherwise have put more food on somebody’s table, then you need to be there. If you feel that gamblers are going to gamble anyway and find a place to do it, then you need to be at the meeting. You do not have the luxury of complaining if you do not participate!

See you there at 7:00 sharp! 1937 N. Municipal Way, RLB (across from the post office)

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