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Tornado warnings on Saturday
Tornado warnings on Saturday

Even though Saturday’s Round Lake BeachFest 2014 was cut short around 4:00 PM due to heavy rains, along with tornado warnings, you would never know it from the crowd that showed up on Sunday. The vendors had all regrouped, putting their tents and awnings back up, firing up the grills for some delicious munchies, wiped down the carnival ride seats, stocked up the pop & beer wagons, and then let the party begin! Like they say, “The Show Must Go On!

I split Sunday’s video clips into two main videos, one showing a lot of what was going on along the Midway areas and the other showing some of the live entertainment on the main and cultural stages. I couldn’t be everywhere since show times in different parts of the midway overlapped so there is an awfully lot that is not included in the videos. You will also find ALL of the videos that were assembled (and posted earlier) included in this post so that you have them all in one easy to find location.

Many hours were spent at BeachFest 2014 as well as editing and creating these videos for your enjoyment. Please continue to support the sponsors who all made it possible and a BIG Thank You to the organizers and volunteers, including the Emergency Management Team, who gave of their time and made it all possible. ENJOY!!




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Videos from the Round Lake Area Pageant held Thursday night can be viewed HERE

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