Round Lake Cops to Gangs “A Relentless Pursuit”

Gang graffiti such as this adds to lower property values
Gang graffiti such as this lowers property values

Yet another street gang sweep took place in the Round Lake area as police continued their relentless pursuit of those who are involved in drug use and trafficking. With the help of Homeland Security, federal agents, and a police helicopter, local police rounded up and arrested a dozen suspected gang members. Round Lake Park police chief, George Filenko, would not elaborate on the suspects names since the investigation is ongoing. This sweep was a continuing effort to rid the area of gangs and was part of a follow up on information gained from a recent high profile drug bust in recent weeks. The message being sent to local gangs is “Get out of town because we will relentlessly pursue and arrest you”.

If you would like to report a crime or suspicious activity, there are several options:


•To report illegal drug activity in the Round Lake Area, you can contact any of the local village police departments by calling 911


•To report a non-emergency incident or crime, you can call CenCom Communications Center at (847) 270-9111. You will be able to speak to a deputy by phone, or have a deputy contact you in person.
•You may report a crime or suspicious activity in person at any of our local police departments.
•You can also remain anonymous by contacting Lake County Crime Stoppers at 847-662-2222 or go online at

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