Round Lake Has Its Own Sour Grapes Website

Website has “Private” Registration

Round Lake Has Own Sour Grapes Website
Round Lake Has Own Sour Grapes Website

The Village of Round Lake joined the ranks of neighboring Island Lake and now has its very own “Sour Grapes” website that has started mudslinging. It appears to be going after candidates of the Citizens First slate and is being promoted by their opposition over at Community Commitment.

In a Facebook posting the Community Commitment group posted the following statement:

There is a website by a group of concerned folks in Round Lake that has come to our attention. This site has no affiliation with COMMUNITY COMMITMENT but is informative in nature.

However, in looking over the sour grapes website it appears that they very well may have had access to documents and papers from within the Round Lake City Hall. The site also has photos taken in the dark of someone they claim to be Michael Kohlmeyer seen removing signs. The domain name was registered on March 13th but since the site’s registered owner prefers to stay anonymous and keep their own information “Private”, I will respect that wish and not include a link or the name of it here. There is a lot of talk in the Village of Round Lake about the smell that a waste transfer station will create in neighboring Round Lake Park but it appears the smell is already in the air, if you know what I mean.

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  • Transparency

    It’s amazing how bias this “news” is. This website is a mudslinging site. I wish you wouldn’t pick sides Mr. Carey.

  • by Gene Carey

    @Transparency ~ Unlike yourself who hides behind a phony email address and the sour grapes site that hides behind a ‘private’ domain registration, I am out in the open with my remarks. I also have a basic policy of letting anyone include their comments without blocking or deleting them even if, like yourself, they use a phony email address.

    I don’t owe you any response since you prefer to remain anonymous but I will include one just the same.

    First of all I do not live in the Village of Round Lake so I do not have a dog in the fight. Because I do live in a neighboring village I had a concern about the Groot Demolition Debris site that was proposed and went to hear about it at their presentation. Former State Rep. Sandy Cole was there and pointed out that they were using an old aerial view map that did NOT include the newer subdivisions that were near the proposed location. Cole also made people aware that Groot was planning on adding a waste transfer station (that few were aware of including SWALCO).

    This led me to discussions being made against the project with RL Mayor Dietz leading the charge. I only knew the Mayor from other mayoral functions he was at such as the tree lighting ceremony, etc. As far as any of the current and new candidates for Trustee positions, I knew none of them on a first name basis, maybe making their acquaintance at several previous General Election meet & greet functions. The reason I started attending the RL Board meetings was because the Groot and SWALCO items were on the agenda and I wanted to know more about where they stood on the matter. You will notice that the videos I shot are FULL LENGTH and not chopped up or edited to favor any one person or slate.

    At the first board meeting I attended, Michael Blum stood up during the public comment portion and made his comments about a trustee filing a FOIA request. After the meeting and after the video was online I received a request from Blum to use a portion of the video. I told him that he could as long as it was not edited and pieced together leaving any portion out. I was not aware that he took the portion he wanted and then hosted it on the Community Commitment YouTube channel. I thought he would be putting a short portion into an iFrame or utilizing other options for displaying it which can be done without uploading and adding a different description to satisfy your OWN needs.

    I was not aware that the sour grapes site even existed until someone on the CC slate posted on Facebook that they were just made aware of the site and suggested people go and read it. That was when I discovered my other video had been hijacked and being used on the CC YouTube channel as well. Isn’t it rather odd that the four videos on CC’s YT channel all appear on the sour grapes website? Isn’t it also odd that Dave White had posted on his FB page several days after the sour grapes site went live to take a look at it (which I discovered later)? If a site isn’t gaining any traction or getting any views it has to be promoted, right?

    When someone hijacks my videos without my permission I will go after them. I have had quite a number of YT channels shut down or slapped with a penalty for using portions of my videos but since the election ends today it would accomplish very little to go through that process with the YouTube complaint division.

    One other thing worth mentioning is that I had never met Dan MacGillis prior to going to his first meet & greet function and have not seen nor spoken to him since. The same goes for Michael Kohlmeyer at A-Tire. I shot the video of his business and planter box before ever going into his place of business to interview him, only to find out he was out of the area that day. I left my card and he returned my call the following day, mentioning that we had met during the general election functions at one of those meet and greets. Only then was I able to put a name with a face. I am not one of his customers as I still do all my own automotive work.

    You make the comment that my site is a mudslinging site when all I did was point out that Michael Blum has been extremely active in uploading mudslinging videos and registering numerous domain names. Like I said, all I started out doing was some research on Groot and SWALCO but Blum’s actions led me to look into this other issue more.

    Now, getting back to “Transparency”, how about coming out from the shadows and using a real email address and name or do you prefer to remain “Private” like Blum and his crew?

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