A Great Day For A Memorial Day Parade

With temperatures approaching 90* and with no rain in sight, the turnout for this years annual Round Lake Area/Hainesville Memorial Day Parade was spectacular. Driving along Cedar Lake Road around 9:45, you could see the crowds already lining the curbs even though they had well over an hours wait due to the lengthy presentation at the War Memorial across from the train station. I didn’t pick the best vantage point for lighting but you can watch the entire parade which is the current Featured Video in the right hand column. This was a silent parade to honor those who have served and those who are currently serving in the military so the audio was purposely turned off.

One of the parade floats


Boy Scouts of America float


Old fire trucks and ambulances were in the parade


Newer BIG fire trucks were also on display


Old "Barney Fife" type police car


Mike's T with a couple of his sweeties riding in the back seat!

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