Round Lake Park Lake Front Summer Festival July 19th

One of the best kept secrets in our area

Village of Round Lake Park
Village of Round Lake Park

The Village of Round Lake Park is having a Lake Front Summer Festival on Saturday, July 19th, but they don’t seem to want anyone to know about it. You won’t find anything posted on their village website and if you try using the Facebook link they supply, you end up in Facebook la-la land. I happened to stumble across it while reading someones Facebook page. I can recall in years past that Round Lake Park had THE best website techy in the area, placing their site in the stratosphere compared to other village sites. He was doing it voluntarily but when he decided to ask for compensation for his time and effort, the village parted ways with him. Ownership of the domain was also fought over since it was not registered by the village but by the individual who set up and maintained the site. If you take a look at their site now you will see that it is not being updated and is currently showing things like the GROOT Transfer Hearings (Sept. 2013) and their April 2012 Financial Report. It gets even more confusing when you realize that they are apparently switching their sites domain from to (good luck if you try adding the www !) but don’t want to spend the money to have someone who knows what they are doing maintain the site. Good luck with that idea! Hopefully when the big bucks start rolling in from the GROOT debris site and the GROOT transfer station (whenever they get built) the village will be able to cough up $50 or $100 a month for someone to keep their site updated properly.

So, since their link to show Upcoming Area Events is blank, here’s the scoop! The Summer Festival will be held from 3:00 PM until 11:00 PM and will feature live music, a DJ, food vendors, a beer tent (ever wonder why it has to be in a tent?), Bingo, boat rides, and plenty of things for the entire family to enjoy. Don’t forget that Washington Street is closed to through traffic so you may have to weave around through a few side streets to get to the event. Maybe I will even see you there, unless we all keep it a secret!

RLP Lake Front Summer Festival - July 19th from 3 PM until 11 PM
RLP Lake Front Summer Festival – July 19th from 3 PM until 11 PM

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