Round Lake Park Told “No Thanks!”

As Hainesville tries to arrive at a decision on what to do about their police protection, they rejected the idea of inviting Round Lake Park to their dog and pony show on Tuesday. According to comments attributed to Hainesville’s Mayor Linda Soto, Round Lake Park’s Police Department has “more gang and violence responses, whereas Hainesville is more about community policing”. The Mayor’s comments appear to favor Grayslake’s offer, if they elect to disband their own 2-year old police force, stating that Grayslake was a better fit due to the overlap of school systems and park district.

Additionally, the lawsuits from the past policing relationship between Hainesville and Round Lake Park certainly did not help matters at this juncture. Mayor Jean McCue of Round Lake Park was very disappointed that her village was not invited and issued a ‘mild‘ response to Mayor Soto’s description of Round Lake Park’s local policing activities, electing to take the high road instead in order to maintain a healthy relationship between the two villages.

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