Round Lake Roller Rink Gets Leveled

On our way to meet some friends for lunch at the Last Chance Saloon in Grayslake, we drove by what used to be the Round Lake Roller Rink on Hainesville Road. In the past we had posted about the roof collapsing due to the heavy 2010/2011 winter snowfall. At the time it was up for sale and not open for business at all. Today, all that remains is a pile of leveled ground where it used to stand. It will just be one more reason for someone to come along and develop a longer parcel of land that would begin where all the beautiful trees were cut down several years ago and no townhomes were ever built. Once again, the only thing standing in the way is one private property which is currently up for sale. Plus, a LOT of investment money!

All that remains of the former Round Lake Roller Rink 4/18/2011

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